Blizzard Announces New PachiMarchi Challenge for Overwatch

Some Overwatch fans may think that the hero Tracer is the game’s official mascot, but if you think about it, it would make more sense if the adorable Pachimari gets this title. In fact, it seems that Blizzard Entertainment is aware of just how popular this creature is in the community and is making an effort to lean into that popularity outside of plush toys and other merchandise.

In a recent announcement, the company has revealed that a new Overwatch challenge is on the horizon, and one that specifically revolves around Pachimari. Just like the other challenge events in Blizzard’s first-person shooter, you’ll be given about two weeks to complete the various objectives successfully if they want to gain access to the PachiMarchi content.

If we look back to the previous challenge events, which were usually linked to a particular hero like Symmetra, Mercy, or Hanzo, these challenges required players to have 9 wins in no specific game mode.


Winning 3 times means you would get a profile icon or a spray, and you’d still unlock more or less the same kind of items upon 6 wins. Winning 9 times, however, makes a lot of difference—you’d usually obtain some kind of special skin that’s related to the challenge.

On the official Overwatch Twitter account, Blizzard announced the PachiMarchi challenge along with a brief teaser video. The announcement video reveals that the challenge event will begin on March 9, 2021 and will come to a close on March 22, 2021. The tweet itself seems to imply that some kind of brawl will take place during the duration of the event, stating that players should “set up for a sizzlin’ cephalopod showdown.”

The teaser video begins with a bunch of Pachimari stuffed toys raining from the sky onto the ground, which could be a hint of what we can expect from this challenge event. Even though Blizzard has yet to reveal what the purpose or objective of this showdown will be, it’s safe to assume that there’ll be an absurd amount of Pachimari involved somehow.

One other thing worth noting is that the stuffed Pachimari toys were raining on the Hanamura map, which leads us to believe that this particular map will also play a part in the event. Although this makes sense, given the fact that the Hanamura map features the machines wherein these Pachimari toys can be found.

However, we have no clue just yet about what Blizzard has planned and what we can expect to experience in this event. All we know for sure is when it will start and end, and that it will most definitely feature Pachimari.

Basing on previous events though, we’ll most likely be seeing new cosmetic items that can be unlocked. Plus, these items are most probably going to be themed around Pachimari. Overwatch already has a decent amount of Pachimari profile icons, but we wouldn’t be surprised if Blizzard decides to add more for the event.

Of course, these are all speculation for now until Blizzard officially reveals more details. There are a ton of possibilities though, and we look forward to seeing if we got some of them right.

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