Riot Games Explains Why Valorant Doesn’t Have an Infinite FFA Mode Yet

Fans have been wondering why Valorant doesn’t have an infinite free-for-all mode yet, and Riot Games has finally clarified why. At the moment, the studio is developing a version of the FFA mode that’s specially designed for Valorant, but it’s simply not ready for release yet.

Valorant, Riot Games take on the multiplayer tactical first-person hero shooter genre, has been incredibly popular in the gaming community since last year when it was first launched. Despite being compared to other similar hero shooter titles such as Apex Legends or Overwatch, Valorant continues to stand out from the rest.

Games that are within this genre usually have a deathmatch mode, which is a mode that usually ends quickly and has a clear winner at the end of the match. What fans have been asking for, however, is an infinite version of this for Valorant—or at least a much longer version compared to other titles. And it seems that Riot Games is already working on it.


In a recent tweet, Principal Producer Jared Berbach explained why an infinite free-for-all mode won’t be added to the game soon. If you take a look and consider the currently available FFA deathmatch mode in Valorant, players are already as active as can be. So this means that even though this particular mode isn’t as crowded as the other available modes, the players who do participate in it are committed.

Of course, this only covers those Valorant players who are happy and content with the brief deathmatch matches wherein there’s a winner. However, it appears that Riot Games wants to expand upon this and ensure that most if not all the players are happy.

But in order to create an infinite FFA mode, or at least one that lasts much longer, Riot Games will need to change the game from the inside and make tweaks and adjustments to its tech. Berbach further explains that Valorant, as it is right now, doesn’t offer the option for players to join in the middle of a match. Valorant’s code needs to be tweaked in order for the game to check for players who want to jump in and join the fun.

Of course, this will need some time. It’s not easy to recode a game or the modes within it, so there’s still no release window or estimated time frame as to when an infinite FFA mode for Valorant will be available.

Without a doubt, fans will be thrilled to hear this news, even if there’s no exact date yet. They say this kind of mode is perfect for warming up or for practicing the various agents like the most recent Astra. Besides, this will give Valorant players a specific place to fool around and just have fun, leaving the other, more serious modes to the similarly serious players.

Even though this mode will take some time before it’s fully complete, Berbach assures fans that the wait will be worth it once it’s launched. That being said, there are other players who think that this kind of mode is not that necessary and is therefore a waste of time, especially when there are game-breaking bugs still on the loose.

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