Phasmophobia Ghosts May Only Respond To You If You Ask Questions, According to Update Notes

The co-op horror game Phasmophobia has taken the internet by storm recently. It may have only been developed by one person over at Kinetic Games, yet it has been capable of reaching incredible milestones despite its many bugs.

That being said, fans have been bingeing this game with friends, so it doesn’t come as a surprise that there are some players out there who no longer fear the entities found in the game.

The good news is that Kinetic Games has many things planned for the ghost hunting title, and some of these improvements include making the ghosts scarier and harder to hold down.

Phasmophobia’s latest update was released some time near the end of September, but there’s a lot more you can look forward to. Kinetic Games is pretty transparent about its plans for Phasmophobia’s future.

As a matter of fact, the developer has a public Trello board that allows you to see what is currently being worked on, as well as a backlog and to-do list. Other than that, fans have been compiling a list of recent additions and changes you’ll find in the title’s beta branch.


For one thing, the game’s spirit box, which is the device you use to communicate with the ghosts, will be receiving a couple of improvements that seem to be worth noting.

Actually, if you activate Phasmophobia’s beta branch on Steam, you will be able to see text readouts on the screen of the spirit box in order for you to know what a ghost’s response is when you interact with one.

If you’ve only seen Phasmophobia’s announcement trailer that was released a while back, you might think that the spirit box is creepy with its robotic voice saying “here” as the character checks out a basement.

However, an actual game of Phasmophobia features chatterbox ghosts that prefer saying words like “adult,” “E,” or sometimes even “kill” just to spice things up for you. That being said, the horror game’s update notes state that if your voice recognition is working with no issues, ghosts will no longer respond to you just by simply talking. In other words, you need to ask them a question if you want them to answer you.

On the other hand, the ghosts will default to saying random replies if your voice recognition isn’t working or if you have it turned off.


If you check the “In Progress” section of Kinetic Games’ Trello board, you’ll see that the developer is currently working on some exciting changes.

One of these changes involves the ghosts’ actions, or more specifically, the developer wants the ghosts to go over to the last place where they saw a player instead of just walking away like it usually does.

As such, this means that there’s a higher chance that ghosts will now roam to different rooms. At the moment, Phasmophobia’s ghosts would choose a specific room to stay in during the start of the game.

So, once players know where they are situated, there’s no longer any thrill or any sense of fear as they go about their game. This ongoing update is great because it will ensure that players will spread out to search for the ghost and will definitely increase the creepiness factor.

That being said, it’s worth noting that Phasmophobia is still an early access game, so features could be changed or removed as Kinetic Games sees fit.

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