Pokemon Go Battle League Rewards and Ranks Gets Revamped Ahead of Season 6

As part of the new Pokemon Go Beyond major update, the Pokemon Go Battle League will be receiving a major revamp before the start of Season 6 that will make changes to the title of ranks, increase their number, and improve the rewards trainers will get for achieving each rank. While Pokemon Go’s battle system isn’t as solid as the main games, this Season 6 revamp aims to reconstruct the Battle League into a more satisfying experience.

The Pokemon Go Battle League was launched back in January as a way for fans to competitively fight against each other and earn rewards for doing so. The Battle League functions on seasons at the end of which the rank of players and ratings will reset.

Every season of the Battle League will mix up through Master, Ultra, and Great Leagues which lets players utilize various CP levels of Pokemon. Depending on the number of wins a trainer has will dictate the rewards they will get at the end of every play session, and their rank also dictates which additional rewards they will get.

All of this is about to change, as Pokemon Go Battle League Season 6 kicks off today, bringing with it a plethora of changes discussed by developer Niantic. The most significant change is that the number of Battle League ranks has been double from 10 to 24 ranks.

Players can advance from ranks 1 to 20 by winning battles and the other higher ranks can be reached by earning particular ratings. The top four ranks are also renamed to Legend, Expert, Veteran, and Ace, and each of these ranks will also provide new rewards. Players will also have the chance to encounter Pikachu Libre if they achieve the highest rank before the season ends to motivate trainers to play more of the Battle League.

Pokemon Go’s Battle League Season 6 launches today, kicking things off with the Great League. The Great League will operate until December 14 then the Ultra League will begin along with the Premier Cup. On the 28th of December, Ultra League will be replaced with the Master League, its Premier Cup along with Master League Classic, and the Holiday Cup which runs until the 4th of January. To end the season, all three normal leagues will run beginning January 4 until 11.

There will also be more rewards players can get if they choose to join the Battle League Season 6. These improvements that have been implemented will certainly make the matches more exciting and the season exclusive rewards will make players come back to furiously tap on their mobile screens. While Pokemon Go’s matches may lack the completeness of the main games, this revamp adds more depth to the game.

Christian Allen Tandoc
Christian Allen Tandoc
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