Apex Legends Season 7 Most Played Characters Revealed By Developers

Respawn Entertainment has announced the top five most popular characters in Apex Legends Season 7. The latest season of the hit battle royale title has provided players a lot of motivation to keep playing such as the new character Horizon. This list though features most of the older characters in the game, are still extremely popular.

Ever since Apex Legends launched last year, Respawn has tried to keep the game fresh and engaging by frequently adding new content. One of the best ways this has been implemented is by introducing various maps for the players to explore.

Apex Legends’ seventh season is responsible for introducing Olympus, the game’s third map. This map includes an expansive range of various elements such as boosted verticality as well as the game’s first ridable vehicle.

On the official Apex Legends News Twitter page, it announced the most played characters in the game for the current season. It appears that the most picked characters are Wraith, Bloodhound, Horizon, Octane, and Lifeline – in this particular order.

Intriguingly enough, four of the five characters in the list were present in the very first season of the game, and Horizon is the only character who was introduced at a later season. Many fans were quite shocked by the list, especially because of the fact that Octane ranked as high as he did.

In spite of Apex Legend still being an extremely popular addition to the battle royale genre, the game has its fair share of controversies. Recently, a lot of players were disappointed to see that the development team was changing the Season 7 Battle Pass.

This made it more challenging for players to level up in the game for a while which forced them to grind harder than they did before. Thanks to sufficient fan backlash, the developers opted to change it back a week after Season 7 was released.

As time goes on, the list of Apex Legends characters continues to grow bigger and more diversified. The existing cast of characters comes from all walks of life and backgrounds, and they each have their own unique set of abilities. Even though the new characters are appealing, this list appears to imply that players still stick with the older characters though

Christian Allen Tandoc
Christian Allen Tandoc
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