Pokemon Go Introduces Shadow Mewtwo Special Research

Pokemon launches a new Special Research task which focuses on the infamous Team Go Rocket big boss, Giovanni, and the strange Shadow Mewtwo.

Pokemon Go players have been hunting Team Go Rocket Grunts for several months now. However, Shadow Legendary Pokemon are nowhere to be found. With this said, players can now keep their hopes up through the new Special Research task which challenges players to rescue the powerful Mewtwo from the clutches of Team Go Rocket.

Players who will log in on Pokemon Go today can now find the “An Inter-egg-sting Development” set of challenges on the Special tab of the Field Research menu. In addition, a completely new set of event bonuses called The Seasons Change: Part 2, has been implemented as well which allows players to quickly finish the Special Research by taking advantage of bonuses such as increased spawn rates of Team Go Rocket balloons.


The latest Special Research – “An Inter-egg-sting Development” is subdivided into six levels. Players are asked to complete a set of challenges involving Team Go Rocket and hatching Shadow Eggs with rewards eventually leading to the Legendary Shadow Mewtwo.

According to Niantic, Pokemon Go’s developers, this will be the last Team Go Rocket Special Research for this year. Players should make sure to finish “A Shadowy Treat Grows” if they have not already since the new Special Research won’t show until the previous task is completed.

The exclusive event following “An Inter-eggs-ting Development” will take place on October 12 until October 19 and will focus on Team Go Rocket and the recently teased bizarre red Pokemon Go eggs. Players will be able to benefit from the ¼ hatch distance and Poison and Dark Pokemon including Pawniard, Poochyena, and Houndoor will be appearing more frequently in the wild.

Team Go Rocket Grunts will also be making more appearances and will be utilizing new Shadow Pokemon such as Skarmory, Aerodactyl, and Shellder. Leaders Sierra, Arlo, and Cliff will now be using Shadow Omanyte, Drowzee, and Growlithe.


Shadow Omanyte, Shadow Drowzee, and Shadow Growlithe have already been made available in the game before but now that Team Go Rocket Leaders are using them their Shiny forms can now be encountered. The Team Go Rocket Leaders will also now be dropping “Strange Eggs”. These particular eggs will hatch after players reach 12km of walking, making them the most difficult eggs to hatch in the game.

These new red eggs only spawn Poison and Dark Pokemon and those who get one of these types after evolving such as Larvitar, Scraggy, Vullaby, and others. Although these Pokemon are not Shadow Pokemon, and only Larvitar has a Shiny form upon hatching, this is worth noting because Pokemon like Vullaby and Scraggy are hard to encounter outside of the Go Battle League.

Along with the recent debut of new Pokemon such as Deerling, a new Special Research, and the return of Shadow Mewtwo, Pokemon Go players should have enough work to keeps themselves busy until the winter events.

Christian Allen Tandoc
Christian Allen Tandoc
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