Spellbreak to Have Major Update in October

The market for battle royale video games has been quite saturated recently, but that hasn’t stopped Spellbreak from trying to stand out from the rest. It’s definitely hard to do, but not entirely impossible, especially with good reviews on its side.

What makes Spellbreak so different from the other battle royale titles is its combat. Unlike the others that use firearms and armor, this one makes use of spells and runes instead. If you’ve played a battle royale before, you know that caution, safety, and ambush are important.

Spellbreak, however, encourages fast-paced spellcasting. So far, this appears to have worked for the game, allowing it to stay afloat. However, this unique element will not be enough for it to stay relevant in this market. This is why the developers want to add something new to the game so that it will outshine the others.


Recently, the developers of Spellbreak announced on Twitter that the game will have new features on October 22. Some of the mentioned additions stand out from the rest, but most of them were already mentioned in Spellbreak’s roadmap before.

One new feature will be a 9v9 clash mode, in which there will be two teams with nine players each who will fight head-to-head. You might think that this is smaller if you compare it to other titles, but it has the potential to become fiercer and more fast-paced than the usual style that battle royales have.


The most important part is the fact that the Spellbreak developers will be including a story mode in the game, starting with a Prologue. This is great because one of the weaknesses that battle royales have is the absence of a narrative.

Well, this may be applicable to many multiplayer titles but it doesn’t necessarily apply to all. One great example is the Call of Duty series, as most of the games in it contain story missions that feature cinematic gameplay — completely different from the fast-paced multiplayer modes.

It’s safe to say that singleplayer modes and multiplayer modes complement each other in this way. If Spellbreak’s developer is able to include an engaging storyline alongside its fast-paced gameplay, it has the potential to rise to the top of the battle royale market. After all, the action-spellcasting game is already considered to be one of the fastest-growing titles on Twitch.

That being said, we believe in Spellbreak’s potential, especially since the game already has everything it needs to create a wonderful story. Not only that, but the game’s magic system can be used to create unique story challenges.


For example, a great way for players to learn how to master the various classes is by adding different obstacles or enemies. Spellbreak’s Stoneshaper class is pretty easy to master, so there are no complaints there.

However, it would be great if the game had a storyline that allowed players to learn how to master the more difficult classes such as Frostborn.

That being said, it’s possible that Spellbreak will do what many other battle royale games do, and that is to create a dull story mode that doesn’t really do much for the game. We can only hope that this won’t be the case, as it would be such as shame for an up-and-coming game like Spellbreak.


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