Pokemon Go Players Can Now Obtain Gucci Items Without Leaving The House

Much to the surprise of the gaming community, designer clothing company Gucci announced that it was collaborating with both Pokemon Go and The North Face. Now that all three parties officially announced the partnership though, Gucci has released a promo code that allows Pokemon Go players to redeem the cosmetic items from the event without having to leave the safety of their homes.

The three companies decided on this safety measure due to the rising cases of COVID-19. Despite everything, it’s great that big names such as these three are looking out for the safety of their consumers.

The collaboration with Pokemon Go was initially teased by both Gucci and The North Face some time in December 2020, but the full details of the event were revealed early in the new year. Initially, the event was supposed to go like this: there are 100 different cities that players can go to across the U.S., where they can spin specific Pokestops in order to obtain three cosmetic items that can be used by their in-game avatar.

More specifically, these cosmetic items include a digital hat, t-shirt, or backpack. As you can guess, players would have to travel across the different cities in order to redeem these items, which would be very difficult and dangerous right now given the ongoing pandemic.

After a few days of the promo, the companies decided to make the content of the event available to all the players.

Neither Gucci, The North Face, nor Pokemon Go has officially announced this information yet, but Serebii.net, a website and database for all things Pokemon-related, has reported on Twitter that a special promo code has been released for players to give them a chance to redeem the rewards for free—specifically two of each of them—without having to travel across the U.S.

For interested players, the universal code to input in order to redeem the digital items is GXSD5CJ556NHG. There are different ways to redeem the code; if you have an Android device, you can enter it through the code input function found in the game. If this option isn’t available to you, you can enter it via this Niantic Labs page after signing into your respective Pokemon Go account. Since it’s a universal code, you can use the same code on different accounts and it will still work.

This interesting collaboration with Gucci, The North Face, and Pokemon Go is somewhat similar to when the mobile title partnered with Longchamp for the Paris Fashion Week crossover. Although, the difference is that this most recent collaboration won’t feature fashionable Pokemon scattered around the wild.

In case you missed it, the Paris Fashion Week event featured different Pokemon dressed up in fancy apparel. The event also provided fans with the opportunity to capture a Shiny Pokemon that was also dressed up at the same time, that is if they were lucky enough.

This latest collaboration is definitely unexpected, and we were initially unsure where Pokemon Go fit into all of it. However, given how successful the AR mobile title was in 2020, it’s not at all surprising that big names would want to associate themselves with it.

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