Pokemon Go Set To Add Gen 5 Pokemon Next Week

A new autumn update for Pokemon Go will make Berries more effective as well as a new Pokemon from the Black and White main games will also be introduced. Fans of the fifth Pokemon generation coming from the Black and white main games have a lot to enjoy on Pokemon Go as of the moment.

Since last year, more Pokemon from the Unova region is slowly being introduced to the game such as the Mythical Pokemon Victini recently added for a free Special Research quest. Now, developer Niantic has revealed that as part of a forthcoming autumn-inspired update running from October 9 to October 12, another unique Pokemon called Deerling will be making its debut in the game.

Deerling has a peculiar Normal/Grass typing but what makes this Pokemon unique is that it has four unique forms. In the main games, the form it would take depends on the in-game season and its form can also be carried over to its next evolution – Sawbuck.

For Pokemon Go’s case, players will get Deerling in its Autumn form where its furs have an orange color. Niantic hasn’t announced if its other forms will be included as the seasons’ change but fans can expect it to happen in the near future.

Aside from this, the main new improvement of the update is that Berries will become more efficient during the event. Berries will be twice as effective when given as gifts to Buddy Pokemon. Pinap Berries used on Pokemon players are trying to catch will give them twice as much Candy than the usual. Berries will also drop more often when spinning at a Gym and PokeStop.

Players will also encounter a few certain Pokemon during the event including Burmy in Plant Cloak form, Foonguss, Shroomish,  Seedot, Zigzagoon, Pineco, Yanma, Sudowoodo, Hoothoot, Bayleef, Vulpix, and Oddish. Lucky players can even encounter a Shiny Vulpix and autumn-inspired Pokemon will be spawning from 5km eggs.


Even though these new additions are great for fans, developer Niantic is receiving a lot of complaints about taking back some adjustments it made to Pokemon Go to cater to the current coronavirus situation. Despite the pandemic still ongoing, the developers have decided to roll back these changes which mean players who are still stuck at home won’t be able to fully enjoy the game’s features.

It has also been revealed that players will need to use PokeCoins in order to avoid a cooldown period when transferring Pokemon from Pokemon Go to Pokemon Sword and Shield via the utilization of Pokemon Home.

In related news, a new teaser for the upcoming Pokemon Sword and Shield Crown Tundra expansion has been released which confirms several upcoming contents and its October 22 release date.

Christian Allen Tandoc
Christian Allen Tandoc
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