Pokemon Masters EX Welcomes New Character Gloria By Giving Away 3000 Free Gems To Players

For those who haven’t opened their Pokemon Masters EX game in a while, this may be your chance to get back into playing the mobile title. To celebrate the release of the Sync Pair Gloria and Zacian, DeNA will be giving away 3,000 Gems to players.

There’s not a lot you need to do in order to claim these freebies; simply log into your Pokemon Masters EX account and the Gems will be automatically added. However, you need to keep in mind that this promo won’t be around forever, so it’s best to claim it as early as possible.

More specifically, the celebration present will only be available starting from November 29  through December 23 at 9:59 PM PT. If that isn’t enough, there’s also a “Make Way for Gloria Log-In Bonus,” which will give you 120 5-star scout tickets. These tickets also promise to provide four 5-star sync pairs, which is a great deal.


One reason why the introduction of Gloria and Zacian to Pokemon Masters EX is a huge deal is because they’re the first pair to come from the Galar region. More specifically, the two characters are from Pokemon Sword & Shield, and they have this incredible ability called Behemoth Blade.

Enemies won’t stand a chance against this ability, as it has Zacian striking down its opponents with the slash of its almighty sword. Unleashing the Behemoth Blade has a heavy price though, as it will use up at least four units of the move gauge.

As such, we highly recommend that you don’t abuse this ability if you do happen to obtain Gloria and Zacian during your playthrough. Unlike in Pokemon Sword & Shield, Gloria will be a fully-voiced character in Pokemon Masters EX.

While it’s great that she has a British accent, many fans are disappointed that she doesn’t have a Scottish accent. After all, the internet has always imagined her to be of Scottish heritage.

In other news, the latest update in Pokemon Masters EX introduced a brand-new event called Battle Buffet Bash. As the name implies, Battle Buffet Bash is a culinary-themed in-game event, and players will be given the opportunity to earn 100,000 Prestige Points and other awards by successfully finishing battles.


That being said, the Battle Buffet Bash will only be a limited-time event and it is set to end on December 6, so it’s best to participate in this event as soon as you can.

As for the introduction of Gloria, we believe that her addition will only pave the way for other familiar characters to make an appearance in Pokemon Masters EX. We’ll definitely keep our eyes peeled if or when that happens.

Many Pokemon fans are definitely pleased that both Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield are finally getting some form of recognition in DeNA’s free-to-play mobile title.

This latest iteration in the franchise received a lot of hate which we think they didn’t deserve, despite the fact that Sword & Shield did undeniably have less Pokemon when it was initially released.

Exploring through Galar was a truly charming experience, and the variety of characters you got to meet as you progress was one-of-a-kind.

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