Pokemon Sword and Shield Holding A Shiny Raid Event This Weekend

It is time for players to get some catching in because Pokemon Sword and Shield is holding a new Max Raid event. Running all throughout the weekend, the special event has a chance of spawning rare shiny versions of particular monsters in Pokemon Sword and Shield.

The main highlight behind the franchise is collecting, and capturing the best shiny forms of Pokemon adds an extra layer to that challenge. Unlike most Pokemon that show around, shiny types are super rare and have a unique color than usual.

On the other hand, Max Raids are a new mechanic to the popular franchise which has trainers team up in groups of four to take on Dynamax Pokemon. For a brief time, this event blends these two features so players work together to capture massive, shiny Pokemon.

In this case, there are two monsters that have a little higher probability of spawning as their shiny forms. It is the audacious squirrel-like Pokemon, Skwovet, and its greedy evolution, Greedent. While these Pokemon are usually easy ones to find early on the game, shiny hunters rely on tips to find the rare shiny forms.

If players participate in the Max Raid event, they will have a 2% chance of coming upon the alternate form. However, whether or not the Dynamax Pokemon is going to be a shiny one cannot be determined until after the Max Raid battle begins.

Players will know they have encountered a shiny type based on the color of the two featured Pokemon. A shiny Skwovet has a reddish fur in comparison to the usual grey, and a shiny Greedent’s body has a cream complexion.


Though, these two are not the only Pokemon developer Game Freak is making available during the special event this weekend. Players can also have the chance to catch the Dynamax forms of Shiinotic, Morelull, Amoongus, Foongus, and Cherubi. However, players need to act fast because this exclusive event is only going to run until January 10, Sunday.

Max Raids are an exciting multiplayer activity in and of themselves, so more events using the feature are usually famous. Pokemon Sword and Shield was released over a year ago, so those still playing the monster capturing RPG will be searching for more activities to do.

Hunting shiny Pokemon is a process that involves persistence and low chances, so it is good that they are being improved. And even if players need a break from Greedent and Skwovet, there are still a lot of other Pokemon to hunt for.

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