Pokemon-Themed Manhole Covers Installed All Over Japan

Pokemon-themed manhole covers, each with their own special designs, are being installed all over Japan. The Japanese government is using this one of a kind promotional campaign to use Pokemon Go’s massive popularity in order to boost tourism and business within different prefectures throughout the region. While this is not the first time Japan has witnessed these monsters being put into sewer lids, this addition features new designs being added.

Pokemon Go launched back in 2016 to massive popularity, seeing players from every region imaginable coming out to participate in the cultural phenomenon. While not every player stuck with the trend, the game has seen huge player numbers remain stable in the years since its launch.

The augmented reality mobile game has gotten a constant stream of support from its developer, Niantic, in the form of different events, content additions, and unique features that have only enhanced the game for its millions of players.


In a blog posted by Twinfinite, unique and fresh designs have been revealed for the next batch of sewer lids to be installed in the Ikaruga prefecture. While these are not the first Pokemon sewer lids fans have seen, they do have new one-of-a-kind designs featuring the likes of Simisear paired with Bronzong and the Legendary Entei, among others.

These will also serve as markers or physical locations of different Pokestops all over the town. The government of Ikaruga hopes that this move will boost tourism and business in the area with elevated traffic from players of the game considering that every manhole cover’s design is unique to its particular position.

Back in 2018, the first Poke-lid featuring an Eevee design was installed in Ibusuki, Kagoshima. Since then, more than 148 sewer lids have been added all throughout Japan, including the ones mentioned here. These span thirteen various towns in Japan, showing the entire country’s support for the extremely popular game. While Pokemon Go has proved a high level of play across the world, the game brags the most players within Japan.


Developer Niantic has had to make improvements to the community-driven game since the start of the global coronavirus pandemic, such as removing restrictions that were recently placed on some content like trainer battles.

This lets players fight one another inside the safety of their homes. The developers continued with the ongoing addition of new Pokemon from the mainline games as well as an exclusive event that saw the introduction of cosmetic items from popular North Face and Gucci.

Regardless, the game has witnessed another spike in popularity since the global pandemic began, seeing as most people have a lengthy amount of free time and many feel like one of the only safe activities they can participate in is going on socially distanced walks with their friends and family.

Christian Allen Tandoc
Christian Allen Tandoc
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