Pokemon With Highest Maximum Damage Revealed

One resourceful Redditor has done the math and was able to calculate the Pokemon that can deal the highest maximum damage in the Pokemon franchise. The Japanese gaming giant has remained constantly famous since its creation in 1995. It has fans of all generations who usually express their love for the universe through posts evaluating the series and its variety of Pokemon.

For the past years, there have been talks about which Pokemon has the highest maximum damage. Because of multiple various variables, it can be difficult to calculate. However, one Reddit user has solved the answer, and it’s possibly going to surprise long time Pokemon fans.

According to a post by Mx_Toniy_4869, the humble Shuckle has the capability to dish more than 500 million damage in the game. However, it is near impossible for players to meet a Shuckle dealing half-billion damage inside the game, because getting this Pokemon requires a lot of specific conditions, items, and transferring the Pokemon between games.

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The player has to have a Shuckle at level 100, use Mimic to steal the move Ice Ball from a level 1 Noibat, and then use it against them. The move Ice Ball applies damage over five turns, with its damage increasing on every consecutive hit unless disrupted, but the skill’s damage is also doubled if the user previously used the move Defense Curl. Both Mimic and Defense Curl can be learned by Shuckle via a Move Tutor in Pokemon games from Gen 3 like Pokemon Emerald, Pokemon FireRed, and Pokemon LeafGreen.

However, one problem to overcome is that players can’t have this powered-up Shuckle encounter a Noibat, since the Pokemon wasn’t added in the games until Gen 6. Thus, to get the Pokemon with the max damage, players would have to transfer the powered-up Shuckle to Pokemon X, Y, Omega Ruby, or Alpha Sapphire to set up the battle. This can be done after the Move Tutor teaches Mimic and Defense Curl since the Move Tutors in the Gen 6 games cannot teach Shuckle these moves.

After leveling Shuckle to level 100 in the Pokemon Gen 6 title they want, the player will still need very specific conditions met to get 500 million damage dealt on a Pokemon. The Reddit post discloses that to power up Shuckle’s Ice Ball damage, the player is required to find a triple battle, with Shuckle and his allies holding particular items, use two Skill Swaps after using Screech and Defense Curl, and having two Cherrim’s use Helping Hand on Shuckle while his Ice Ball is ramping up. However, even with all these conditions met, the player would still have to get fortunate enough for the fifth hit to result in a critical hit and a max damage roll.

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