Sand Tunneling Back In Fortnite After New Update

Sand tunneling is apparently back in Epic Game’s battle royale. The developer launched a new update a few days ago along with several improvements and bug fixes as well as the return of a problematic feature back in Fortnite.

Sand tunneling was first added in the game at the start of Chapter 2 Season 5. Not long after the feature is added, it had to be removed as Fortnite fans encountered bugs and glitches while using it. While Epic Games initially stated it would be reminding players when the feature comes back again, it seems sand tunneling was silently added along with the January 20 update. The addition in the update meant that the feature was unusable for about an entire month.

After the patch notes on the Trello board of Epic Games revealed that Fortnite fans can anticipate the feature back, fans such as Twitter user CreamDollar posted videos showing his team using sand tunneling again. Whether or not Epic Games has fixed all of the issues that have caused the feature to be removed a few times since its inclusion is uncertain, as sand tunneling has only been back for a couple of days.


Fortnite has been consistently adding skins and new features since the start of Season 5. Alongside these updates, the game has encountered issues here and there. Having to temporarily remove a newly added feature to the game after glitches are encountered is not new in Fortnite, as the game gets a few new updates every month and has a rather massive player base.

Players tend to bring up that while the developers have their fair share of funny and harmless bugs, there’s a difference in the game between flying cars and hacks that allow certain players to gain an unfair advantage.

Because of the bugs revolving around sand tunneling, some experienced players were able to take advantage of the feature in various ways that were supposedly never meant to be present in the game. That seems to be the main reason why Epic Games removed sand tunneling for some time.

Sand tunneling, when done correctly, is regarded as a fast way to move around parts of the map that contain a desert area. The feature can also be utilized to hide from opponents, as long as the person using sand tunneling doesn’t move an inch.

Sand tunneling can be activated by standing still on a sandy region of the map for three or four seconds. When it is activated, the sand tunneling player will start sinking into the ground, though the sinking can be interrupted if the character moves.

Christian Allen Tandoc
Christian Allen Tandoc
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