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For the untrained gamer, you’d be forgiven for thinking that all computer and online games were developed either in China or America, or both. Well, this partly true but you’d never have known that amongst the top 5 gaming developers in the world, Poland now officially sits in fourth place.

PKO BP Bank confirmed that Poland is currently wearing the crown and leading Europe in the gaming industry as they become the largest exporter of video games. This puts them behind the big boys that have dominated the industry for decades, China, Hong Kong, and Japan.

The report carried out by PKO confirmed that the export costs stood at €1.24 billion, which roughly equates to about 6.5% of all global sales of games. The key selling markets for Poland being Sweden, the United Kingdom, and Germany.

Inside Poland’s Gaming Empire

Poland’s success in the gaming market was by no means a freak accident. As you can see from the report produced by the European Games Developer Federation, there is a very considered approach to all that has been done and achieved by all 66 different associated companies. Including 12 of whom work in the eSports area of business with online betting firms.

Those more famous amongst the 66 are CD Projekt, Techland, 11-Bit Studios, Ten Square Games, People Can Fly, Huuuge, and Play Way.

They are followed by the new stars of the industry including the likes of Ultimate Games, One More Level, Creepy Jar, Picadilla, Reality, Flying Wild Hog, and Carbon Studios.

As you will soon learn, success is not just in the business drive, but also in the gaming titles that are being created. Some of the world’s biggest games are coming out from Poland and changing the way games are played and what is played.

In a Global Take Over by One Country

To get an insider’s view of the industry we spoke with the Editor-in-Chief of kasynopolskaonline.com to discuss the pulling power Poland now has on the industry and how eSports gaming is now becoming a global success within online casino platforms.

“The gaming industry in Poland is so healthy, it’s great seeing start-up companies get help and support and go into influential business and pay it all back with game-changing products. Gaming has been a big part of our culture going back 20, even 30 years. The changes have come full circle now that eSports is now a reality, when it was once the dream of a kid playing computer games wondering if there was a way of being paid to play, now you can.

“The eSports business is still in its infancy but it is going to boom over the next 5 years. Online platforms like YouTube and Twitch are helping this because those playing eSports oddly become celebrities and that’s how the world is now. For us, in the casino industry, it’s good business because Polish players can win bet betting on their favorite video games being played by really good gamers. It’s a little surreal when you think about it.”

Top 5 Polish Games

So, what has helped in getting Poland on the map of international success with the industry? Well, as with all business it is about the product, and what products that have come from the many numbers of developers have dominated countless top 10 lists of all gaming genres and here we present to you the top 5.

They have innovated, inspired a generation and the must-played Polish games you can play online.

1. The Witcher: Monster Slayer

From console to Netflix series, the Witcher is now a household name that can be enjoyed by both gamers and viewers. In the latest release of the series, the Witcher: Monster Slayer presents an augmented reality game that, like Pokémon GO, brings the world of gaming into the real world. Only this time you are defeating and slaying wild monsters and beasts.

The Witcher: Monster Slayer game uses geolocation technology that helps to project the game’s universe into the actual surrounding about you. Your phone’s map allows the game to position monsters that will vibrate your device when you come close to a monster so you can prepare to battle.

This is a multi-immersive experience with plenty of characters that can integrate with the narrative.

2. Cyberpunk 2077

One of the biggest releases in 2020, this feature is based on a retro RPG that goes as far back as 1988. The game is developed by CD Projekt, one of the Polish Powerhouses of development and they certainly took the game as far as it could go. Set in 2077 as the original looked at 2013 and 2020, this game is so vast in its future depiction of a dystopian future that players can opt to use a 200-page lore book to help them navigate this game. Upon release, the game suffered some gaming glitches but nevertheless, success was always on the cards as soon as Hollywood actor Keanu Reeves signed up to play a role in the game.

3. The Invincible

The Sci-Fi game is based on a book that was released way back in 1964 and written by author Stanislaw Lem. The story follows a rescue mission of a crew that has been out of communication and is presumed stuck on another planet. What the help party soon realise is that they are not alone on the planet as robot-like insects inhabit the area, they are in. This game was developed by rising stars Starward Industries. They created The Invincible with an intoxicating style and craft that fully compels and drives an audience into the game whilst trying to figure out the mysteries that have happened on this planet. The question is, was this a mission that was doomed from the start? There is a lot to discover whilst trying to give a precise answer. It is a great game with lovely design elements that make it a visual wonder.

4. Gamedec

Developed by Anshar Studios this Sci-Fi game presents another futuristic cyberpunk world. Gamedec was actually inspired by a book series that dates back to 2004 and released 5 parts up to 2015.

The story is about people who live their lives within a gaming world. In this particular world, players play a detective living in Warsaw City. The gaming map is entirely explorable and you can traverse between worlds that are pre-historic and even set in the Wild West of the 19th Century. The game by Anshar was also made in collaboration with Przybyłek which is another rising star of Polish origin.

5. The Medium

The Medium is set during the mid-90s and tells the story of a woman haunted by visions of a little girl being murdered. Using her psychic abilities that stretch into paranormal activity, she sets out to solve the mystery and put the wrongs of the girl’s murder to right. But there are many dark forces when stepping into the world of the dead.

In the game, you will play the Medium Marianne. You will use your paranormal abilities to influence the world of spirits that are around you. You will fight off evil ghosts and spirits and overcome the many obstacles ahead. There is a split-screen feature that allows you to investigate the world around you and through the world of the dead and the damned.