Disgaea 6 Defiance of Destiny New Trailer Reveals Release Date and Bonus Content

Since its modest origins with Disgaea: Hour of Darkness on the PlayStation 2, the Disgaea series has become one of the big cornerstones of strategy RPGs. The Disgaea series had nearly 20 years of popularity, with Disgaea 6 only around the corner for western fans, combining eccentric anime conventions with demanding tactical RPG gameplay.

Disgaea 6 is a Switch-exclusive western title that departs from the previous five games by using “chibi-style” 3D models of the characters instead of standard sprite artwork. Despite the fact that Disgaea 6 is designed with beginners in mind, the game’s gameplay remains unchanged, including its absurdly high level and damage limit.

Following a statement from Sohei Niikawa, President of NIS and developer of the Disgaea franchise, NIS America posted a trailer confirming bonus content for Disgaea 6. Niikawa, dressed as the Disgaea series’ mascot Prinny, comments on the series’ 18-year past. Disgaea was never intended to be popular outside of Japan, far less see a release outside of the country, he admits, humbled by the series’ popularity.

When the studio begins development on Disgaea 7 and beyond, he and his team are inspired by the popularity of the original and subsequent titles to continue driving the series into the western market. The return of Disgaea 2 characters Adell and Rozalin is included in the bonus content featured in the latter part of the trailer. Girl Laharl, who first appeared in Disgaea D2, and Asagi, a character who has appeared in a number of NIS games, were also revealed. The four bonus characters are available as free DLC for Disgaea 6 purchasers, and a limited edition has also been released.

Christian Allen Tandoc
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