Prepare to Fight the EDM Empire with No Straight Roads as it Launches Today

Launching today on the PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch, No Straight Roads is sure to be a hit whether or not you’re musically-inclined. With it’s quirky plot and vibrant art style, No Straight Roads is an action-adventure game that’s been highly anticipated by gamers worldwide, as the people behind it are Wan Hazmer from Final Fantasy XV, and Daim Dziauddin from Street Fighter V.

The story is set in music-infused Vinyl City, where Mayday and Zuke want to succeed as a rock band. However, they were told off during an audition simply because all the best artists play EDM. In other words, rock was no longer in the picture.

Just as the duo were about to throw in the towel, they find out the inequality that takes place in the EDM Empire, otherwise known as No Straight Roads — they favor the rich and famous when it comes to distributing electricity. From there, our protagonists resist against their skewed system and fight their way to the top of the charts, despite all odds being against them.


Some of the game’s features include:

  • Discover the world of Vinyl City, meet larger-than-life characters and lead a musical revolution to end the EDM empire.
  • Rock out solo in an action-packed single-player campaign or band up with a friend in couch co-op.
  • Master rhythm-infused third-person combat as Mayday & Zuke, members of indie rock band Bunk Bed Junction, each with their own music-based weapons and attacks.
  • Defeat musical megastars from a range of genres, including a pop-tastic boy band, a globe-spinning DJ, a child prodigy pianist and more on your journey to bring back rock.
  • Fight for your right to rock! Learn awesome new moves, upgrade your abilities and use the power of music to transform props into weapons.
  • An awesome dynamic soundtrack from a line-up of musical talent, including Falk Au Yeong, Andy Tunstall, Funk Fiction, Masahiro “Godspeed” Aoki, Az Samad, Clyde Rabatel & the Video Game Orchestra.

That being said, you will have Switch-exclusive features as well if you purchase the game on that console. Some features include touchscreen support, 3-player co-op, and exclusive assist mode, among others.

The game is available now on different platforms, so you have many options to choose from if you do decide to get No Straight Roads for a unique gaming experience.

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