Every person who owns an electronic device exposed to some digital marketing. Either it is through the Internet or phones or television. Though in recent years, digital marketing has become synonymous with the advertisement on the Internet. Whether it be a direct advertisement or indirect advertisement. The reason the Internet has become such a hotspot for marketing is the hours a person owning the Internet spends on his phone or laptop. A few ideas make digital marketing appealing and others that make it fruitless labor at times. As our societies get more automated, the future of digital marketing gets brighter and safer.


It’s Cheap:

Buying a billboard or a page in a magazine or newspaper is expensive. One such advertisement can set you back a few hundred thousand. If you are selling a small product, you don’t have the money for those things.

On the other hand, digital advertising is cheap. It can be done on social media websites, or by creating your website or through indirect product placement in online videos and blogs. It does not cost you much, and you can sell any product, especially if you are selling non-expensive items that don’t have a huge brand name backing.

It gives access to a broader demographic:

The traditional marketing gives you access to a much smaller customer base than digital marketing. Billboards just are seen by the drivers or people walking past them. Most of the passengers riding along are probably on their phones and are not looking up. Digital marketing gives you access to people of all ages and genders. Two out of three internet users have the authority to buy their things without asking someone for permission. Meaning you have access to a customer base that is ready to spend money. And is a much larger group than the ones you can reach through traditional marketing.

A bigger market:

When you place a product in a shop, it can only be accessed when a customer visits the shop. Online marketing has removed the distance, and when you advertise something online, it can be accessed by those who can visit that shop. A person with limited access to the market can introduce to an object on their phone. Online marketing reaches people through phones in their hands, anywhere, everywhere. It is a much more diverse and more significant market for you. With improving search engine optimization techniques, we are reaching more and more people who might be interested in what we are selling.

It’s Futuristic:

Talk about the future of digital marketing; an average American spends about 11 hours on his phone. People who own a smartphone check it first thing in the morning. With 4G and talks of 5G, our dependency on the Internet is increasing. As we shift more and more into the virtual world, the space for digital marketing increases exponentially. Digital marketing is the only future of marketing. The ones who figure out how to evolve with the changing markets are the only ones that will survive.


It’s time-consuming labor:

For successful digital marketing, you need the Internet and a social media presence these days. But to be heard, you need to put in a lot of time. The Internet is like an overcrowded public transport. To get a seat, you have to be persistent and put in the hours. A lot gets lost in the white noise of the Internet. You have to rise above the din and make a mark. If you fail, you will lose, and someone else will quickly take your place.

There are not many rules:

The Internet isn’t a regulated place. And it’s a vast place. The things you put directly on the Internet like your posts or pictures, or even videos can be copied very easily by anyone and used. Someone will change the font size or type or colors of the image and use it. You have to stay vigilant and sharp to keep an eye on such things. Most things you put on the internet cant be copyrighted. Copyright protection is only yet for the offline world. Or for material that also exists in the offline world.

Copying of the product:

Many people have suffered from this product copying. To advertise things online, you have to show the product as best as you can and give specifications of it to satisfy the customer. Though that’s good marketing, it also means that someone can copy the product and make an exact duplicate with few alterations so that you can’t claim copyrights. Any major store be it furniture or clothes, don’t let you take pictures of their products unless they have an online presence. To stay safe from these copy cats is that you design your marketing campaign so that no one pops out as well as you do.

It changes too fast:

With digital marketing, we can’t just rely on the age-old formula of putting a charming face next to the product. There are also many people advertising too many products online. The landscape is always changing, and the attention span of the user is less than that of a goldfish. New ideas and innovation, something out of the box every day to catch the attention of the Internet. Internet is like a herd of sheep; it can get distracted easily, but also it has a small memory span; to last in its memory, you always have to remind it of your existence with new tricks each time.


Digital Marketing gives you the data of what people like very quickly, but it also provides the user with the variety to choose what they wish at a very cheap cost, and from anywhere they want. That means your competition isn’t always the local market but the international market too.

It is a harsh world to survive, but it can be very fruitful if you learn to survive in it. It comes with some severe security issues like the theft of personal data. At the same time, with the help of your data, search optimization takes place, which provides you with things you wanted but had no direct access too. Ease of access has a cost of privacy.

Digital marketing invades your privacy, accesses your personal information, and provides you with things that, at times, you were thinking. It is the world we are going to be living in. Though security and privacy are necessary things that need to safeguard as the Internet grows larger and larger, you need that data to get you what you need, or jobs will just get lost in this maze of the Internet!