PUBG Announces Special Collaboration With Blackpink

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has teamed up with South Korean pop duo Blackpink in an unexpected partnership. When PUBG Corporation, a subsidiary of South Korean firm Bluehole, debuted the game in 2017, it established a precedent as the first successful battle royale shooter. Blackpink, on the other hand, is an all-female K-pop band that debuted in 2016.

Since its introduction, PUBG has managed to retain a huge and devoted player base, thanks in large part to PUBG Corporation’s commitment to the game’s maintenance. When the game’s Taego Map update was released in June 2021, it included additional features.

The game’s newest playable map transports players to Korea, where they will engage in a fierce battle over a variety of terrain and near several sites of interest. Taego can hold up to 100 players, and flocks of birds pose an environmental risk by revealing players’ locations if they got too close.


The Korean setting is included in a variety of game types, as well as a unique return mechanism in which players compete for the chance to respawn. Following that, PUBG Corporation introduced even more unique elements to Taego, including a secret chamber with high-quality treasure and a new blazing jet for players to desperately parachute away from.

PUBG has started a musical mashup with K-pop group Blackpink in the game’s most recent version. The news is accompanied by a Collaboration Trailer, which demonstrates what the unexpected collaboration will bring to the game.

PUBG currently has a number of in-game cosmetic items featuring the Blackpink logo and the faces of the band’s four members. Items like headgear, customized parachutes, and weapon upgrades will be offered, and each member of Blackpink will have her own unique bundle available for purchase.

The cosmetic goods will be accessible for PC gamers between August 8 and September 7 and console players between August 12 and September 15. On August 18, a Blackpink Special Drop event will be conducted, allowing players to accomplish in-game tasks for themed goodies.

PUBG Corporation has had unquestionable success with the game, but reports claim that a major shift is on the way. It’s been suggested that PUBG may go free-to-play, allowing it to reach a whole new audience who haven’t yet invested in the battle royale genre.

Many of the battle royale games that followed PUBG’s popularity, such as Fortnite and Call of Duty: Warzone, have adopted the free-to-play business model. While this alleged adjustment in business strategy has yet to be proven, it would appear to be an attempt to stay up with the more contemporary competitors in PUBG.

While a shooting game and a K-pop group may seem odd, PUBG Corporation has gone above and beyond to produce a plethora of Blackpink content. Cosmetic goods and environmental modifications help draw attention to renowned South Korean singers, and the next Special Drop event will undoubtedly draw in a large number of PUBG players. By collaborating, PUBG and Blackpink may be able to attract new fans from each other’s loyal following.

Christian Allen Tandoc
Christian Allen Tandoc
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