PUBG Reveals Season 9 Release Date

Just a few days ago, it was announced that PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds will be seeing a new dynamic map soon called Paramo in an attempt to stand out from the battle royale competitors such as Fortnite or Apex Legends.

PUBG Corporation confirmed that this new map will be introduced during the Season 9 update, which will be available to players on October 21st for PC and October 29th for consoles and Stadia.

As for the test servers, these will be available on October 14th for PC and October 19th for consoles. The ninth season of PUBG is drawing closer and closer, which is why its developer has revealed more information about Paramo, how it works exactly, as well as other new inclusions present in the upcoming season.

PUBG Corporation describes Paramo as a zone that contains many, many secrets. It’s said to be situated in the highlands of South America, and the map itself is supposed to have important landmarks that change with every new match.

In other words, it would be impossible for players to memorize the layout of Paramo. As such, players will have to keep switching up their tactics because the map won’t stay the same – which is basically why it’s called a dynamic map.

That being said, you can take note of some constants on the map. For one thing, Paramo has a ginormous volcano that streams and spits out hot lava across the map. Thus, you have to be careful because stepping on it will most definitely kill you, even when you’re on a vehicle.

PUBG Corporation also mentions that Paramo’s Blue Zone will cause more damage to your character more than in other maps. As a matter of fact, it’s entirely possible to end up outside of the game’s play zone. However, staying there for too long will guarantee instant death.

No worries though, because the developers added a new item to PUBG called the Critical Response Kit and its purpose is to easily revive a player.

On another note, we know from the last update that there will be helicopters with supplies flying over Paramo. These helicopters will drop the supplies outside of the play zone, but you can also force them to drop the supplies by shooting them down.



As for PUBG Season 9’s ranked mode, the developer has added a brand-new Ranked Solo queue to the title. In other words, players can now battle it out with other players on their own instead of being in a squad.

PUBG players have requested this feature for the longest time, so it’s a relief to finally see it implemented.

In other news, the upcoming season will also feature a new Survivor Pass as well, however, this one will only last for two months. Compared to other passes, this one is noticeably shorter. However, PUBG Corporation has ensured that it will be easier to complete as compensation.

If you’re keen on earning all the rewards offered by this new pass, all you have to do is reach level 50.

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