Release Date Announced for Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory Demo

It’s an exciting time for Kingdom Hearts fans, especially those who are looking forward to trying out Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory. Just recently, the demo for the upcoming title was released on the PlayStation Store’s servers.

You may not be able to download the demo just yet, but you will definitely be able to once its release date comes around. According to the page’s demo listing, the official release date will be on October 15.

A few weeks have already passed since it was revealed by Square Enix during the Tokyo Game Show this year that there will be a free demo for Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory before it gets fully released in November.

Since then, we were able to learn a little bit more about the demo, but it wasn’t until today that it was revealed when the demo will be available to everyone.


Based on the PlayStation Store’s dedicated page for Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory, the demo’s audio will only be in English. However, you will be able to change the subtitles to Arabic, German, English, Italian, French, and Spanish, depending on your preferences.

Also, the demo’s file size appears to be a total of 579.94 MB on the PlayStation 4. In other news, Square Enix also revealed six of the songs that players will be able to try out on the demo once it’s officially available for download.

From what we can see, the tracks appear to be inspired by different Kingdom Hearts titles, although an exception to the rule is the first original game. That being said, the six songs on the demo are the following:

  • Welcome to Wonderland (Kingdom Hearts 1)
  • Hand in Hand (Kingdom Hearts 1)
  • The Rustling Forest (Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep)
  • Wave of Darkness I (Kingdom Hearts: 0.2 Birth By Sleep)
  • Sinister Shadows (Kingdom Hearts 2)
  • All For One (Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance)

In actuality, the demo has a seventh song which you may know as “Dive Into the Heart -Destati-.” However, the song will only be made available to you during the tutorial, and once you’ve completed it, you won’t be able to play it again.

If you want to be able to try out the six other songs for free, on the other hand, all you have to do is beat Destati. The first four songs on the list are what the game calls Field Battle songs, and these can be played as singleplayers in the demo.

As for the last two songs, they can only be played on Melody of Memory’s multiplayer mode. As we see it, the demo gives players enough content to prepare for the full version of the game.

After all, you will be given the option to choose between different difficulty modes when selecting a song to try out, namely Beginner, Standard, and Proud mode. In other words, you will be able to practice and master the mechanics.

An important disclaimer, though: the saved data and progress you’ve made in the demo won’t and can’t be rolled over to the full title. As such, you will have to re-earn any achievements you’ve made on the demo.

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