PUBG Season 9 Will Introduce New ‘Dynamic Map’

If you’ve been playing battle royales for a long time, you know that PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds was one of the original games that amassed a huge fanbase in this now-saturated market.

Although the game wasn’t able to hold on to its popularity such as other games like Fortnite, its developers continue to strive hard and push forward even after PUBG Corporation cut ties with Tencent in India.

That said, many people in the video game community still consider PUBG to be the game that started it all and caused the battle royale scene to really boom. Despite the fact that the online multiplayer has pretty good competition these days like Fortnite and Apex Legends, to name a few, PUBG Corporation hasn’t backed down from the challenge.


At the moment, PUBG is in its eighth season, but Season 9 is currently in the works and is scheduled to be released this month on October 21 for PC and October 29 for consoles. From what we know so far, it seems that the title will be bringing in new content for this upcoming season, which will hopefully gain the players’ attention once again.

As more battle royales and shooter games pop into the market, PUBG’s fanbase has been slowly dwindling. This is why PUBG Corporation is trying to make the game innovative and unique in an attempt to rise above the ranks once more.

Hopefully, their plans at innovation and originality will reflect well in the new map that has been teased to fans for Season 9 called Paramo.

We don’t have a lot of information about Paramo yet, and we’ve only seen glimpses of it in short clips. However, it appears that the surrounding environment is set in a jungle, and the most noticeable feature in the map is a ginormous, active volcano.

Now, what does PUBG Corporation mean by “dynamic”? Apparently, the Paramo map is constantly changing. From what we understand, every time a player gets dropped into this zone, the buildings and landmarks will be different.

If you think about it, this is a great way to keep a game fresh, especially since change is one of the reasons why so many gamers love battle royales so much. If Paramo is always shifting and changing, then this could mean that the map will remain new and fresh all the time.

One other thing that we think is interesting is the lava flow. There are two different settings for the map along with the ever-changing environment, and these are “fresh” and “burnt.” We still don’t know how the lava flow works exactly, and PUBG Corporation has yet to reveal that to us.


One theory we have is that the lava will work hand-in-hand with the shrinking play zone. After all, the developer says that the map will be small, so it’s possible that the lava will force the players to confront each other in a much quicker way.

Last but not least, Season 9 will have helicopters that will be carrying supply drops. You can either chase down the helicopter and wait for it to drop the supplies, or shoot it down yourself.

We’re not entirely sure that this will bring back the players that left PUBG, but only time will tell.

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