Rainbow Six Siege Announces Surprising Collaboration With Rick & Morty and Resident Evil

When you think of Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege, a collaboration with Adult Swim’s cartoon Rick & Morty probably wouldn’t be the first thing to pop in your head. Yet somehow, the cartoon along with the Resident Evil franchise will be collaborating with Rainbow Six Siege in the future.

Not a lot of details about the collaboration have been revealed yet, except for a few teasers. After all, this information was only announced during a closed preview event for Rainbow Six Siege‘s Operation Crimson Heist expansion. Ubisoft’s online tactical shooter video game is no stranger to collaborations, but most of these were simply crossover events with other titles from the Tom Clancy franchise like Ghost Recon and Splinter Cell.

Of course, the other franchises that it collaborated with in the past made a little bit of sense. For instance, Rainbow Six Siege once had a Tomb Raider elite skin which turned Ash into none other than Lara Croft. Due to the gritty nature of the two games, this crossover didn’t make us scrunch up our faces in confusion.


In fact, any kind of first-person shooter game that collaborates with Rainbow Six Siege wouldn’t be all that puzzling. As such, collaborating with Resident Evil makes a little bit of sense—the Rick & Morty one, though? Not so much. When this information was teased during the recent closed preview, Ubisoft scarcely shared any details about the upcoming collaboration.

However, there are a few concrete details that we do know. For starters, Rainbow Six Siege will be releasing a Jill Valentine elite skin, which will be modeled after the character’s original STARS outfit from the very first Resident Evil title. What’s more, it has been confirmed that Ikumi Nakamura created bundles for several Operators. According to PC Gamer, these include Hibana, Echo, and Smoke, among others.

For those who aren’t familiar with Nakamura, she’s a renowned former creative director who worked on popular titles like Ghostwire Tokyo and The Evil Within series. When it comes to the Rick & Morty collaboration, though, there’s barely any information about it.


As a matter of fact, Ubisoft didn’t even directly name the cartoon. The only reason why the community was able to connect the dots is because the company teased an image of a portal which was very clearly from Rick & Morty. Besides that, a reference was made to an Adult Swim cartoon, but the name or title of the cartoon in question wasn’t stated.

Seeing as Ubisoft was particularly secretive about the collaboration, it doesn’t come as a surprise that there’s scarcely any information about it. All we can do for now is simply speculate and wait for further details. There’s a lot on Ubisoft Montreal’s plate these days, especially since Rainbow Six Siege is preparing to launch its Operation Crimson Heist expansion as well as its Year 6 update.

As such, it’s highly likely that the Rick & Morty collaboration, whatever it may be, is still at the beginning stages and that there’s not much to reveal yet. Still, this hasn’t stopped fans from wondering how the cartoon connects with the first-person shooter in any way and how the collaboration will work.

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