Red Dead Online Will Be Getting A Standalone Release

Rockstar Games has officially announced via its company Twitter account that Red Dead Online will be released as its own standalone game some time within the year. Multiple digital storefronts will be offering the standalone version, including Steam, Epic Games Store, Rockstar Games Launcher, PlayStation Store, and Microsoft Store.

The game will be available for purchase beginning this December 1, and it’s supposed to contain all the current and future updates for the action-adventure title. Now, some players have been wondering if they will still be able to access the campaign of this standalone edition if they have already bought Red Dead Redemption 2’s online multiplayer mode.

In response, Rockstar Games announced that interested players will be able to purchase the story mode if they want to. Without a doubt, this will surely spice things up for the online multiplayer, and will most likely attract newcomers to join Red Dead Online’s servers.

Aside from this exciting announcement, Rockstar Games also revealed some fun things that are coming next week for the expansion of the Bounty Hunter role. According to the developer, this upcoming update will feature new changes that fans of the profession will surely enjoy.

More specifically, the press release reveals that players will be able to hunt down new targets, as well as enjoy new equipment that will be of great assistance in tying down the game’s most infamous outlaws.

Not only that, there will be additional bounty hunter ranks, and fans will have to strive harder if they want to ascend. In anticipation of this upcoming event, Rockstar Games will offer players double the experience points this week, which will significantly help them boost their level.

As soon as the update goes live and the new targets will be released, players will be in prime shape to take them down. This news that Red Dead Online will be getting its own standalone release seems to cement the speculation that Rockstar Games is on a mission to market its online multiplayer games as separate titles.


After all, the studio revealed a few months ago that Grand Theft Auto Online will be getting its own standalone release as well — on next-gen consoles, no less. That being said, while GTA Online will be getting an upgraded version once it’s released on the next-gen hardware, Red Dead Online, unfortunately, will not.

As Rockstar Games has announced, the standalone edition will only be released on the Xbox One and PS4.

Speaking of Grand Theft Auto Online, the multiplayer title is expected to release a major update this December 15. This update in question is supposed to introduce a new heist along with a new location.

What makes this update so significant is the fact that this is the first time that Rockstar Games will be expanding GTA Online’s map via expansion. This time around, players will get to visit and explore Cayo Perico, a lavish private island.

Grand Theft Auto Online has been around for seven years now, but it’s great that the developer still continues to release new content.

As for Red Dead Online, interested players can experience it on Xbox One, PC, PS4, and Stadia.

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