Red Dead Redemption 2 Will No Longer Be On Xbox Game Pass

It’s a sad, sad day for Red Dead Redemption 2 fans who play under Xbox Game Pass. Despite only joining the service back in May 7 of this year, it will no longer be available by September 7. Released in 2018, Red Dead Redemption 2 is one of the more renowned Cowboy shooter games in the industry that’s set in a time before 2010’s Red Dead Redemption.

The game starts with the crew making a run for it after an attempted heist doesn’t go as planned. If you’ve played the first game, you’ll be hit by nostalgia in this second one as you’ll be reuniting with characters from Red Dead Redemption such as Dutch Van der Linde and John Marston.  It’s such an extensive game that rendering more than 100 hours won’t be enough to fully explore it in its entirety.


Red Dead Redemption 2 has a multitude of fans all over the world, and without a doubt, having it on Xbox Game Pass was a big advantage. Years after the game’s release, the hype never died down and fans are still uncovering all kinds of easter eggs.

With about two weeks left, it’s best to start finishing any unfinished quests you may have in the game. It’s not all bad news, though! If you wish to keep playing Red Dead Redemption 2 outside of Xbox Game Pass, you can still download the game on Rockstar Game’s website. Xbox will also be releasing other games on their Game Pass service, so that’s something you can definitely look forward to.

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