Resident Evil 4 Merchant Returns In Resident Evil 8 As The Duke

Resident Evil 8 is a title that has been cloaked in mystery ever since it was first announced during the PlayStation 5 reveal showcase. With the in-depth details surrounding the game being few and far between, as is to be anticipated of a forthcoming Resident Evil game, the Resident Evil 8 showcase that happened a few hours ago was a much-needed information dump for waiting fans. One particular detail likely shocked a lot of players during the showcase.

Ever since the game was first revealed, fans have drawn a lot of comparisons to Resident Evil 4, as there were a lot of resemblances between the two titles. Both take place in an unknown region, populated with gothic architectures and castles.

Resident Evil 8 also uses an inventory management system that is very identical to the one present in Resident Evil 4. Obviously, in the recent showcase, a new character was introduced that draws an even larger comparison to Resident Evil 4.


A character called The Duke was revealed during the recently concluded Resident Evil 8 Showcase who serves a similar role to The Merchant in Resident Evil 4. The Merchant is arguably one of the most iconic characters in the Resident Evil franchise, though they only appeared in Resident Evil 4. To see him revived into this robed, hefty, jolly man in a cart is certain to make a lot of old-school fans nostalgic.

This begs the question of how else will Resident Evil 8 compare to Resident Evil 4. With speculations of a possible remake of Resident Evil 4, it will be exciting to see how Resident Evil 8 is identical and different from its contemporary. It also has to live up to the colossal success of Resident Evil 7, which left a lot of players excited and fascinated for what’s to come.

In addition to the Duke, quite a lot of new content was revealed for Resident Evil 8. However, one detail that stood out to fans watching is the exclusive PlayStation 5 demo for the game. The demo for Resident Evil 7 featuring Clancy Jarvis drew in a lot of fans and unveiled bits and pieces of the story that was to arrive in the full game.

Honestly, a lot of details about the overarching story for Resident Evil 8 have been announced already, but a lot of the lore revolving around these new characters and environment will probably be shown in detail in the demo.

Christian Allen Tandoc
Christian Allen Tandoc
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