Resident Evil Village Demo: The Maiden Now Available On PS5

During the recently concluded Resident Evil Showcase, Capcom revealed that PlayStation 5 owners can now download an exclusive Resident Evil Village Demo, The Maiden, beginning today. The short online event was chock-filled with a few other major revelations, as well. Most notably, the publisher confirmed that the highly awaited survival horror game will be available on the current-gen, last-gen, and PC in May 2021.

The event also revealed a brand new story trailer, which featured more insight about what protagonist Ethan Winters will have to fight with this time around. Capcom additionally provided a first look for the Resident Evil Village gameplay, complete with news that the merchant from Resident Evil 4 has returned. Apparently, what has also made a comeback is Capcom’s affection for getting innovative with its pre-release demos.

An exclusive Resident Evil Village demo called The Maiden is now available to download exclusively on the PlayStation 5. However, The Maiden does not feature any of Resident Evil Village’s combat encounters or weapons.

As a matter of fact, the demo does not contain combat at all. Instead of playing as Ethan, the game’s protagonist, players will take the role of the demo’s titular Maiden. The goal of the character is focused on finding a way out of the castle, an experience that will allow players to become fully immersed in the visuals and audio that will be on display in Resident Evil Village. While this demo will be exclusive on the PlayStation 5, Capcom has plans to launch a separate demo across all platforms on an undefined date this spring.

Soon after the Resident Evil Showcase ended, news of the demo’s launched caused players to flock to the PlayStation Store. And it did not take long for the PlayStation Store to start crashing due to the weight of the overwhelming demand.

As of writing, however, it seems as though everything should be business as usual. Anyone who wants to drop into Resident Evil Village’s creepy castle via The Maiden demo can do so now. Luckily, the road to the next mainline Resident Evil entry is nearly at an end.

It has been a long and winding road, too. Many fans may remember that cursory information regarding Resident Evil Village hit the web ahead of Capcom’s summer 2020 announcement, thanks to leaks from insiders.

Story spoilers popped up late last year because of a data breach on the publisher’s servers. Soon enough, players will get to experience Ethan’s next fear-inducing adventure for themselves.

Christian Allen Tandoc
Christian Allen Tandoc
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