Riot Games Reveals First Look at New Agent 13

With the end of Episode 1 Act 2 fast approaching, Riot Games has been slowly revealing new details about Valorant’s upcoming third Act. Recently, the studio revealed a brand-new map called ‘Icebox,’ which is set in a frozen-over dockyard.

Now, Riot has given fans a sneak peek at the new Agent they’ll be adding once Act 3 goes live. Although, at the time of writing, the Agent’s name, abilities, as well as lore still remain a mystery.

As for everything else, the company has given a pretty thorough description of what players can expect in Episode 1 Act 3.


According to Riot’s news update on the Valorant website, they’re “closing Episode 1 with a banger of a finish.” Asides from the new Icebox map, you’ll be met with fresh content as soon as Act 3 goes live, such as a new 50-tiered Battlepass as well as some changes to the competitive mode.

As for the thirteenth Agent, players will be able to meet the new character two weeks or one patch cycle after the beginning of Act 3.

New Map

The new map where you can show off your aim and skills is situated in an abandoned research facility somewhere in the arctics. As an Attacker, you must first pierce the thick blankets of snow so that you can plant the Spike.

If you’re on the side of the Defenders, you can make use of the ropes and zip lines scattered across the area in order to reach areas that you can use to your advantage. Icebox will be available in Unrated matches on October 13, while Competitive matches will be seeing it on October 27.

Because of the fact that Riot is releasing a new map earlier than expected, this is why the new Agent will be delayed a little bit. This decision will only benefit the game as a whole, as delaying Agent 13 gives the developers enough time to fix any stability issues.

Competitive Refresh

You will find that there will be changes made to the way ranking works in Valorant’s competitive mode. According to Riot, they are working “on the long term health of organized team play.” Here are the following changes you can expect in Act 3:


Act III Battlepass

As expected of every new Act, players can also look forward to a new Battlepass this upcoming October 13. Riot also confirmed that there have been some improvements made to Act 3’s Battlepass.

For instance, you will notice that Act 3’s weekly missions will progress much faster in order for you to quickly unlock content and “additional epilogue tiers.”

If you get the Act 3 Premium Battlepass, you will be able to get your hands on exclusive Valorant items such as the “Disco Ball” Gun Buddy, the Ruin Vandal, and the Surge Bucky.

Middle East and North Africa

Middle Eastern and North African players can now welcome and embrace low pings as they try to rise above the ranks towards the Radiant throne.

If you log into Valorant on October 28, you will be able to obtain the Dallah Gun Buddy as a celebratory gift from Riot.

New Agent



At the moment, Riot Games hasn’t revealed anything about the new Agent except for pictures. Right now, we only know what Agent 13 looks like, but we don’t know what their lore and abilities are.

Stay tuned though, as we’ll surely keep you posted on any new Valorant updates.

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