Riot Reveals How Many Valorant Agents They Want To Release

At the moment, Valorant only has 12 Agents you can choose from. However, the Riot devs have recently revealed how many Agents they want to release in the future and that is 50 to 60 Agents in total.

You might think that’s a lot, but Riot is already planning to release at least six Agents this year – one for every Act. They’ve been hitting their goals in that department so far with the release of Reyna and Killjoy, and a third Agent is making its way to the game on October 13.


In a Reddit thread, developer ‘Pwyff’ answered some questions that fans have, including an answer as to what the perfect Agent-roster balance is.


If Riot wants to continue releasing six Agents per year, it will take them approximately six to eight years before they will be able to reach their 50-60 goal. It may not be as much as Siege’s goal of 100 Operators, but it’s still a daunting task nevertheless.

With that in mind, the Valorant devs have also mentioned that they consider Dota 2’s Hero system as a potential model for the FPS game. It’s somewhat ironic to think about, given the fact that Riot has developed over 150 League of Legends Champions yet they are looking to Dota 2 for inspiration.


That being said, Riot has already started making balancing decisions for Valorant, as can be seen when they nerfed Sage in a recent patch. It was revealed that this decision also freed up space in the game to allow for more Agents in the future.

If Riot Games truly wants to be relevant in the gaming community for the long haul, then it’s best that they begin building their roster of Agents with variety and diversity in mind, as this will only add to the game’s strategy and depth.

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