Romancelvania Set to Launch This October After Successful Kickstarter

An amusing yet interesting game is set to launch this October 2021. Developed by The Deep End Games, a video game genre mashup entitled Romancelvania had a successful Kickstarter campaign and was able to hit its funding goals. As such, a Steam release for the comedic game is already in the pipeline, while console versions are planned for release as well.

Romancelvania is a roleplaying game that could be the outcome if The Bachelor and Dracula had a baby. You can choose between a masculine or feminine Drac, as you encounter different characters in Transylvania and try to win their hearts. Despite seeming like more of a dating game more than anything, Romancelvania actually has combat and fighting elements too.

Playing as Drac, you have to fight off a variety of unique monsters. The game surprisingly has an in-depth weapon and magic system that you can use during combat. Romancelvania’s map offers variety too, as you can explore ruins, mountains, swamps, and many other in-game locations.


The game has an interesting premise. Drac gets recruited by none other than the Grim Reaper, who asks the player character to have the leading role in a “reality dating show.” Agreeing to the role, Drac is tasked to find some of the most eligible characters—or monsters, rather—across Transylvania. Playing as Drac, you must then convince these monsters to move into the party mansion, where there are cameras everywhere recording their every move.

Outside of this, Drac must “restore his former glory” by murdering everything else in his (or her) path. As the player, you also have the option to build your castle, otherwise known as the party mansion. As more and more monsters decide to move in, you can choose where to situate the characters in order to receive skill bonuses and other stats.

As the title suggests, Romancelvania also has, well, romance elements. You will be able to take out other monsters on dates and then use the skills you’ve earned to unlock extra dialogue options in order to get to know them more. You’ll find a familiar cast of characters in the roster of dateable monsters, as they’re inspired by classic myths and other monsters that are known universally.


Romancelvania’s Kickstarter page mentioned a few of these monsters, such as the werehuman Fenton, the forest diva Eden, the chaste succubus Ilessa, the genie bartender Vess, and a lot more other characters. It’s a mishmash of different genres, but it seems to work well for The Deep End Games’ Romancelvania.

Not only does it have action-packed combat elements, its gameplay also features RPG elements in that you can upgrade your stats through recruiting different monsters. Add in the romance elements and you have a highly amusing and somewhat raunchy video game with tons of content to explore.

For a little bit of background information, The Deep End Games is a studio that’s actually composed of developers who worked on popular games like Saint’s Row, Perception, and even BioShock.

While Romancelvania’s console release doesn’t have a launch date yet, interested players will find the game available on PC via Steam on October 5, 2021.

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