Shining Beyond is a Mobile RPG Set to Release on November 26

XII Braves, the very same developer of Valiant Force, announced that it will be launching another mobile RPG very soon entitled Shining Beyond. Available on both iOS and Android devices, Shining Beyond is currently undergoing a pre-registration campaign that will provide those who sign up with all kinds of rewards once the game launches officially.

Shining Beyond is best described as an idle-action hybrid RPG. In other words, players will be able to participate in and enjoy the title’s immersive gameplay, while offline hero progression is also an available option. It all depends on their gameplay preferences.

One feature that will surely catch the attention of potential players is the fact that characters can be customized. As such, they can create a perfect team that will suit their needs.

Shining Beyond is set in a “world enslaved by darkness,” a common narrative in many RPG titles. In order to fight against the evil New Empire that has been terrorizing the realm, a small band of heroes must fight together in order to shine light on those who have lost hope.

The main protagonist of Shining Beyond is known as Jake Galahad, a young Knight born to a human father and an elf mother. Jake grew up bullied by both humans and elves for being different.

Now, Jake – along with his friends and allies – is on a mission to fend off the massive waves of demons that are coming out of the Abyssal gate before they successfully take over the land.

The Resistance, which is made up of these four hero characters, is the only hope against these monsters. Even though a party will only consist of four heroes, players will have over 50 characters to choose from. Unsurprisingly, these heroes can only be acquired through the game’s gacha system.

Depending on how fans want to play the game, Shining Beyond can be enjoyed as a regular action-RPG. However, those who want to grind and level up without breaking a sweat can ask AI for help.

It’s also possible for players to team up and fight with their friends through multiplayer, which is perfect for those players who don’t like fighting solo. The maximum party size in multiplayer mode is twelve.


Shining Beyond’s pre-registration campaign is currently ongoing, and those who do decide to pre-register will be able to avail all kinds of rewards. Just like Touhou Lost Word, another upcoming mobile RPG with its own pre-registration campaign, Shining Beyond has different tiers containing different rewards.

At a minimum of 50,000 users, pre-registered players will be able to obtain a 5-star Blood Ruby Ring. As the number of users increases, potential rewards increase as well, including 100,000 Gold, a pre-registration hero named Olivia as well as her school uniform costume, 1,000 Gems, premium summon tickets, and so much more.

As of writing, there are currently 436,996 pre-registered players out of an expected 500,000. As soon as the game launches, all these rewards will be given to those who signed up.

Shining Beyond will be launching soon this November 26 on both iOS and Android devices.

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