Touhou Lost Word Will Be Getting Global Launch

Developed by NextNinja and published by Good Smile Company, Touhou Lost Word is going to be receiving a global release sometime soon. If you’re unfamiliar with this title, you aren’t the only one. Touhou Lost Word was only exclusively released in Japan previously.

Now, the company has decided to expand its reach. To celebrate the upcoming release, there’s a variety of campaigns currently available on the game’s social media pages, even including a pre-registration campaign.

As implied by its title, Touhou Lost Word is an RPG that’s heavily inspired by Touhou Project and can be conveniently played on mobile devices. Something has happened in Gensokyo concerning a lost world, and familiar characters from the Touhou Project are tasked to figure out the mystery of this event.

Speaking of characters from Touhou Project, this game usually utilizes those who are able to use spell cards. Touhou Lost Word allows players to create a team of up to six characters, which they can then send out to battle.

What makes this title even more appealing to both new and old fans is its customization options. Touhou Lost Word allows players to change the clothing of the different characters, along with three different kinds of character voices.

The game’s official social media accounts have been posting a series of new information regarding the different characters. Not only that, a few mobile wallpapers have been shared as well for those who are interested.

The very first character that was introduced on their social media platforms was Marisa Kirisama, who is considered to be the “best ordinary magician” in Gensokyo. What’s so interesting about this character is that she attacks and defeats her enemies by using bullets.

If you want to stay updated regarding the various characters, we highly recommend that you follow Touhou Lost Word’s Twitter or Facebook as it posts about the different characters on a weekly basis.

Unsurprisingly, Tuohou Lost Word is a gacha game, which is a pretty common gameplay mechanic found in video games recently e.g. Genshin Impact. Through the use of the game’s gacha system, fans will be able to acquire additional playable characters.

Pre-registration is ongoing at the moment, and signing up will help players gain more currency that will help give them a headstart once the game is officially launched on a global scale. That being said, Touhou Lost Word’s microtransactions are expected to be priced around $0.99 – $89.99.

There are numerous tiers involved in the game’s pre-registration campaign. First and foremost, players can pre-register simply through email. Upon reaching the first tier, which is at 10,000 users, players will be able to gain access to Reimu and Marisa. These characters can be leveled up to five stars.

Following that, there are a bunch of other rewards that players can potentially receive once a tier has been successfully reached. Those who pre-register will be able to receive the various content as soon as the game launches.

The highest tier right now is at 200,000 users, but if the pre-registrations somehow surpass that amount, then NextNinja will include more unlockable tiers with more rewards. It’s definitely worth noting that only those who pre-register will receive these additional bonus items, so don’t hesitate to sign up now while you still can!

The global release of Touhou Lost Word doesn’t have a set date yet, but its first teaser trailer has already been dropped in case you missed it.

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