Savaaaaage, savaaaaage… Now that title may make you want to sing a song from K-Pop girl group BLACKPINK. But kidding aside, there’s actually a mod in “The Sims 4” that will allow you to turn on your savage side. 

“The Sims 4” is filled with so many mods you can download and install if you are the type of gamer who isn’t satisfied with what “The Sims 4” itself can offer. 

Are you feeling a bit violent, and want to punch other Sims or stalk them? Use the famous Extreme Violence mod. It’s all about violence, gore, blood, and other disturbing stuff their fans will love. 

The Extreme Violence Mod Explained 

If this mod has turned your life (at least while playing “The Sims 4”) upside down toward being a little bit violent, blame SacrificialMods, the brains behind this mod. 

The Extreme Violence mod is a mod for “The Sims 4’s” base game. You can easily guess what this mod can do from its title alone. It allows you to interact with other Sims extremely violently, which includes killing them using weapons, beating them up, joining gangs, and a whole lot more. What’s more exciting is that you won’t just be the perpetrator of the violence, but you can also be its victim. 

And to encourage players to commit more violence, the mod features a reputation system, wherein Sims earn points for the violent acts they commit. Think of this as being the ruler of a gang. The more reputation points you earn, the more your Sim will be feared in the in-game world. You can choose to clear up those reputation points, meanwhile. Or, just let it be and leave your Sim to be the most feared in town. 

Do those make you itch to download this thrilling mod? Read on for the steps. 

Procedures For Installing The Extreme Violence Mod

To start installing the Extreme Violence Mod, you must first create a mod folder within the Electronic Arts file on your PC. If it’s hard for you to identify that file, this is the main file that contains all of the information about “The Sims 4.” If you have previously installed mods for the game, you can find this folder in no time. 

Once you have created the mod folder, the next step is to download the Extreme Violence mod directly from its creator, SacrificialMods. You may also need to unzip the file before it can be used, except when the downloaded version is a script mod. Important note: these files should be in a subfolder, or the mod won’t work, and you don’t want that to happen.

Once you have downloaded the mod file, launch “The Sims 4.” Then, tap on the Game Options menu then click Other. Afterward, tick off the Enable Mods and Custom Content box. Otherwise, you must check the Enabled Script Mods box if it’s a script mod.

Done with those steps? You just need to apply the settings and enjoy playing with this mod enabled.

If The Mod Doesn’t Work… Here Are The Troubleshooting Steps

“The Sims” mods are great, but if you have made it work correctly. Sometimes, some mods end up not functioning well. But don’t worry because there are steps to troubleshoot this.

  • First, make sure that the Extreme Violence mod is updated by visiting the SacrificialMods download page.
  • Second, ensure that “The Sims 4” allows custom content and script mods by visiting the game’s general settings page. 
  • Third, make sure your mod and its entire file set are only in one subfolder deep. Script mods, like this one, must be directly unzipped to the mods folder, not sorted into any additional subfolders. Highly organized gamers, apologies. 
  • It would be best also to ensure “The Sims 4” is fully updated.
  • Unfortunately, also, you must uninstall all other mods to start playing with the Extreme Violence mod without any glitches.
  • There are times you might need to use the Mod Manager for “The Sims 4” to identify the specific conflicts the mod is showing.

More Things This Mod Can Do

  • The Extreme Violence mod allows your Sim to violently assault and choke other Sims to the point of near death. Whoa. 
  • If those are not yet enough, you can stab other Sims using a knife. You can also stab their chest or stab them several times.
  • You can also rip out a Sim’s heart, run them over with a car, and mow civilians with an Uzi.
  • There are also new moodlets, “Prison Break” and “Above Authority,” or when your Sim murders a police officer.
  • If your Sim manages to kill another Sim, they get the Serial Killer trait. 
  • If you have killed too many Sims, the Grim Reaper will give you a warning. Ignoring this warning and continuing with the deed will have the Grim Reaper give you a taste of your own medicine. 
  • Vampires are in “The Sims” too, right? With this mod, vampires can entirely drain their victim’s blood, leading to their death. 
  • There’s also a new aspiration called “Psychopathic Killer” for Sims whose goal is to become a notorious serial killer.
  • Aside from accessing firearms, you may also join either of these two gangs: The Hardwood Gang or The Thotties. There are also turf wars between those gangs.

Wrapping Up

We cannot blame gamers if they feel playing “The Sims 4” for several hours could be boring. Who wants to build and design houses seemingly for an eternity, throw parties now and then, or control your Sims the same way they live their lives every day, right? Like waking up and eating every day?

Therefore, there are mods, and one of the most exciting mods in “The Sims 4” is the Extreme Violence mod. Download this mod today and experience the marriage of “The Sims 4” with “Grand Theft Auto.” We’re serious.

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