Skullgirls 2nd Encore Will Feature a Season Pass

The Skullgirls franchise has been through a lot since its release. It started off as a game created by a developer who was an avid fan of fighting games, eventually becoming a fan-favorite game that many within the gaming community still continue to support even though how many years have passed since its initial release.

Nearly ten years have passed, but Skullgirls fans still have something to look forward to. Specifically, it’s set to receive its biggest update so far in the game’s history. For one thing, Skullgirls has confirmed that it will be implementing a Season Pass, which will be a first for the 2D indie game.

Other than that, fans can also look forward to the addition of four new playable fighters, along with new color palettes and fun stages. The first fighter that was announced as part of Skullgirls’ Season Pass is Annie, who was first announced last year in August. Speaking of, Skullgirls dropped a new trailer for the character earlier in the month, along with a teaser that a new DLC fighter will be revealed soon.

Other than that, developer Autumn Games also revealed that Skullgirls, thanks to the Season Pass, will have some kind of Story Mode included as well. For those who are interested in experiencing everything that the Season Pass has to offer, players will have to fork over $30, while each character will cost $10 for those who choose to buy them individually.

One thing that fans have noticed about this announcement is that the Skullgirls Season Pass has a number on it. This makes sense, though, given that the game’s developer plans on making this into a long-running feature where more and more characters get released in the future. As such, this first Season Pass has the number “1” on it.

Because of all this information so far, fans took this as a sign that Skullgirls‘ current developer has a lot planned for the fighting game and its future. While it’s not a new thing for the game to release DLC characters—Skullgirls has done so over the past decade—this would be the first time that the game actually has a planned package for extra characters. It used to only be single character releases.


When Annie’s teaser trailer dropped earlier this year, the trailer ended with an indication that Skullgirls fans should prepare themselves for the announcement of the next fighter. In the past, Skullgirls released new DLC characters through a voting system, where the developer gave out a list of options for players to vote on. The first character that got added to the game via this voting system was Eliza, who was then followed by Big Band and Beowulf.

However, that won’t be the case this time around, as the Season Pass already has a set of characters who will slowly be revealed to the public as months pass by. Even though Skullgirls has always had a special place in fans’ hearts, the game itself has been through some awful controversy.

Due to sexual misconduct allegations which caused the downfall of Skullgirls‘ first development studio Lab Zero Games, the 2D fighting title is now under the wings of Autumn Games. The game’s development, along with this current Season Pass, will be worked on by this studio, and so far it has been doing a great job.

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