Star Wars Republic Commando Finally Releasing on PS4 and Switch

Star Wars Republic Commando is officially releasing on the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 this April, as a previous leak had suggested. The endeared Star Wars shooter is making its way to non-Xbox consoles for the first time ever, complete with all the updated controls and features.

The renowned shooter made a name for itself by being a darker take into the Star Wars universe, taking place during the events of Star Wars Revenge of the Sith. The game directly leads into the third act of the film, just before Order 66 occurs, leaving a lot of rumors as to what happened to the Delta squad after the game. Development on a sequel was canceled back at LucasArts, but probably Disney will revive the series should there be sufficient response to this game.

STAR WARS™ Republic Commando™ for Nintendo Switch - Nintendo Game Details

Developer Aspyr Media’s announcement for Star Wars Republic Commando ports has come as a shock to many despite the leak. The trailer was posted a few hours ago, giving every fan a dose of nostalgia along with their morning coffee.

Aspyr co-founder, Ted Staloch mentioned that “since its original launch in 2005, Republic Commando continues to be a fan-favorite Star Wars game. We’re honored to be able to work with Lucasfilm Games to bring back this beloved moment in franchise history.”

Star Wars Republic Commando is releasing on April 6, 2021, on the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. It is also confirmed that the game will be forward compatible on the PlayStation 5. An Xbox One edition has not been revealed, but the original game is backward compatible on the said console.

Aspyr has ported other games to Xbox, so probably it will just come later with all the updated bells and whistles. The game will feature trophies on its PlayStation ports as well as updated controls, though specific details were not given as of writing.

The future of Star Wars games is promising but right now, there isn’t a lot of information on future plans. Disney recently verified that EA will no longer be the exclusive publisher/developer of Star Wars games and that Ubisoft will be one of the first to take on a new game in the franchise. Ubisoft’s Massive Entertainment will create the open-world game and launch it sometime after its new Avatar game, which is expected to be arriving relatively soon.

Christian Allen Tandoc
Christian Allen Tandoc
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