Sky: Children of the Light Gets Spring 2021 Release Date For Nintendo Switch

Given the current situation the world is in, it’s not uncommon for a developer to postpone or delay a game’s release date. Especially with the advent of the coronavirus pandemic, which led many employees to start working from home, the development of many video game titles have been directly impacted.

One example of a game that was pushed back is the Nintendo Switch version of thatgamecompany’s Sky: Children of the Light. The developer initially wanted to release it by the Summer of 2020, but it regretfully had to delay its launch due to the pandemic. On the bright side, thatgamecompany has provided its fans with a new release window, and now Sky: Children of the Light will be released on the Nintendo Switch in Spring 2021.

Sky: Children of the Light, otherwise known as Sky as a shortcut, was initially an iOS game that released in July 2019. The Android version of the game didn’t launch until last year on April 7th, 2020. It still had a pretty decent fanbase by that time though, so many Android users were thrilled.


If you’re unfamiliar, Sky: Children of the Light is best described as a social adventure game. Developer thatgamecompany created it to serve as something of a sequel to its other successful game called Journey.

It’s a very relaxing video game, as it allows you to fly above mesmerizing landscapes and environments by using a special cape. Not only can you traverse the different worlds and explore all that they have to offer, you can also level up your cape to provide you with the best gameplay experience possible.

Thatgamecompany announced the delay back in August 2020, and while excited fans were understandably disappointed, a late game is ultimately better than a game full of game-breaking bugs. The former allows you to enjoy a seamless playthrough in the long run, while the latter will only leave you frustrated.

After the news of the delay, fans hoped thatgamecompany would release Sky: Children of the Light in early 2021. Fortunately for them, the developer has confirmed via the new Season of Dreams update trailer that the Nintendo Switch version is set to launch in Spring 2021. However, only a release window has been provided so far, and thatgamecompany has yet to announce the specific release date.

Although the “spring” release window is quite vague and could take place any time between early March to late May, it would make sense if the developer releases it in April. After all, the Android version of the game was released in that same month last year as well.

In other news, thatgamecompany revealed a few details about what mobile players can expect from the new Season of Dreams expansion. Season of Dreams is touted as a “seasonal adventure” that “focuses on the beauty of a community coming together to uplift a local young performer.” Of course, you can expect it to introduce new cosmetics, areas, expressions, and more.

Sky: Children of the Light is a charming game with a just-as-charming fanbase. The Nintendo Switch version will definitely expand its horizons, allowing even more gamers to experience this wonderful title.

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