Skyrim: Best Conjuration Spells

Inside Skyrim, there are various spells that grant special bonuses and playstyles based on the school of magic. Conjuration is the only magic school that can do what none of the other schools can. Enchanters and mages alike will profit from this school focusing on controlling the dead.

Conjuration gives you the ability to invoke almost everything you might imagine. Bears, Atronachs, and even Daedric Lords may be summoned to battle alongside you. Manipulation of the dead is also an essential aspect of Conjuration since it helps players create their own permanent thralls or entrap enemy souls in soul jewels. Here are some of the most effective Conjuration spells in Skyrim.

Soul Trap


When fighting enemies, players can take advantage of the soul trap spell, an Apprentice-level spell. If they die within 60 seconds of the spell being cast, they will fill a soul gem.

This isn’t a particularly strong spell of its own. However, if used regularly in enemy encounters, it will help keep enchanted objects fully charged. Surprisingly, it’s a lot better than it looks. This spell can be made at the Atronach Forge or purchased from Phinis Gestor and Falion.

Summon Unbound Dremora


Summon Unbound Dremora is a bizarre incantation spell. It’s a novice-level spell that, for whatever reason, allows players to have a conjuration level of 90 before they can use it. Despite its odd criteria for acquisition, the summoned Dremora can greatly assist players in combat. Players who reached level 90 in conjuration talk with Phinis Gestor to obtain this strange yet strong spell.

Reanimate Corpse


Reanimate Corpse would have players assume that it can only reanimate human bodies, but this is not the case. Anything from pirates to wolves may be resurrected. This spell is awesome because of its wide applicability.

With this spell, players can animate most humans and animals and hold them as a thrall for 60 seconds. If players want a bear to maul their foes? Before a battle, resurrect a bear. Unfortunately, players can’t use this on horses, but the broad range of things this spell can reanimate makes it an excellent Conjuration spell, especially for an Apprentice stage.

Summon Arvak


Conjurers, like anyone else, need to get around, but a powerful mage shouldn’t rely on carriages and horses to do so. Much more is expected of a powerful conjurer. Yes, something to get players to their target, but maybe a little something special that makes enemies fearful.

This is where Arvak comes in, as Summon Arvak grants access to an undead horse plucked from the depths of the Soul Cairn to serve as a faithful mount during journeys. All players have to do is complete the Soul Cairn Horse quest in the Dawnguard DLC to get it.

Conjure Frost Atronach


The Conjure Frost Atronach summons a strong being to aid players in combat. The frost atronach, though, would last half as long as other atronachs, lasting 120 seconds. To use this spell, players must have a conjuration level of 40, which can be achieved by communicating with Phinis Gestor.

Use this bad boy against mages in combat after buying the spell from him. The frost atronach will erupt after his 120 seconds have elapsed. The good thing is that the blast would do a lot of harm to the enemies in his immediate vicinity. The bad news is that if players come too personal, they’ll be struck with an angry punch.

Bound Sword


Bound Sword is a fantastic spell for getting players out of a tight spot quickly. For two minutes, this spell summons a Daedric Sword for players to use. Though summoning it requires players’ Conjuration spell, using it to destroy enemies increases players’ one-handed abilities. Players can do this to level all perk trees or use it on more range-focused characters when bows aren’t an option and players need to fend off melee enemies.

Conjure Wrathman


A Wrathman is an immortal hero players can call directly from the Soul Cairn to battle their enemies with necromancy and ethereal spark. The fifth page of the tome to learn how to summon this monster can be found south of Jiub’s Opus. It’s worth noting that casting it takes an Expert conjurer, as well as the Dawnguard DLC, to reach the Soul Cairn in the first place.

Dead Thrall


Conjuring atronachs is helpful, but it comes with a time limit. Thankfully, the Dead Thrall spell summons another ferocious warrior to assist players, except this time, there’s no time limit on how long they’ll be alive.

Dead Thrall brings back a humanoid to help players in battle. Players will have a semi-permanent combat partner with them at all times as long as they don’t get killed. This spell is available for purchase from Phinis Gestor, but players must first complete the Conjuration Ritual Spell before using it.

Conjure Dremora Lord


The most interesting monsters in The Elder Scrolls series are the Daedra. They are a sight to see, with their imposing presence and awesome-looking armor. The Conjure Dremora Lord spell may be used to tame one of these daedric warriors.

For a minute, it summons a Dremora Lord, complete with daedric armor and a greatsword. They don’t have much range, but if an enemy charges at a player, this Dremora Lord will quickly dispatch them. A Dremora Lord is one of the best bodyguards players can get in the game.

Conjure Ash Spawn


This is where the strength of conjuration spells really shines through in terms of danger and reward. Because any time a player calls the Ash Spawn, a Heart Stone (which can be collected from Solstheim’s mines) is removed from their cache, and if players don’t have a stone to send and attempt the spell instead, the creature conjured will turn against the player.

As a consequence, players must pay strict attention to their inventory and stop summoning the beast on the spur of the moment. This is one of the most effective conjuration spells players can cast, so if players are following the mage’s course, it’s a must-try.

However, this danger is part of what makes the spell so strong. And it offers players a preview of the pitfalls of sloppy magic use, which any master magician should be mindful of. This spell is included the Dragonborn DLC, which players can only get from Talvas Fathryon after they’ve completed the Telvanni Research quest.

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