Smash Bros Maker is “Very Satisfied” with the PlayStation 5

Masahiro Sakurai, the maker of the Super Smash Bros. franchise revealed that he is “very satisfied” with Sony’s next-gen console, which he explained in his Weekly Famitsu column. Sakurai is renowned for his contribution to various Nintendo games, as he is the mind behind the Kirby franchise, but he is also a fan of titles on other platforms too.

One of the most shocking additions to the roster of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate was Persona 5’s Joker as he originates from a PlayStation exclusive game. Sakurai has been an outspoken fan of the game and has mentioned how Persona 5 inspired the aesthetic of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

It’s likely due to his reputation within Nintendo and the fame of the Super Smash Bros. franchise that he was able to introduce Joker into the game. The same is also true for Banjo-Kazooie’s addition to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, as the characters are exclusively owned by Microsoft. Sakurai even shows support for Xbox during the release of the Banjo-Kazooie gameplay trailer.

Sakurai confers the gaming world in its entirety in his column in the Weekly Famitsu magazine. Kotaku has translated his latest post, where he talks about his experience with the PlayStation 5. The current PlayStation 5 supply shortage is so severe that even Sakurai wasn’t able to utilize his connections within the gaming industry to get one. Rather, he got lucky with a preorder, and his column was pushed back so his first impressions about the new console could be included.

Sakurai talked about the colossal size of the PlayStation 5 and how he was forced to put it behind his TV because of the heat coming out of the console. He also talked about the remarkable speed of the console, and how he was pleased with its backward compatibility feature, as he was able to bring along all of his PlayStation 4 games to the PlayStation 5.

Sakurai did have a few criticisms about Sony’s new console. The system does not allow the creation of folders on its main menu which makes it difficult to navigate the list of games if there are a lot of titles installed on its storage drive.


His other complaint is the comparably small size of the console’s SSD, as owners are only left with just around 600GB to use for games, which Sakurai quickly filled up. Overall, Sakurai said he was very satisfied with the PlayStation 5 and believes that he will be able to make out the most of the system for the years to come.

The feedback to the PlayStation 5 has been more positive so far, and Sakurai’s comments are especially noteworthy, as he is an iconic figure in the gaming world. It might be hard to secure a PlayStation 5 for a good price as of writing, but at least Sakurai was able to find luck.

Christian Allen Tandoc
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