Nintendo Teams Up With Sharp To Assemble Switch Consoles

Nintendo is reportedly teaming up with Sharp Corp. as an additional assembler of Switch and Switch Lite consoles. With the holiday season quickly closing in, and Nintendo Switch Black Friday sales ongoing, the gaming company is reportedly attempting to broaden its ability to make new consoles as quickly as possible.

The Switch and Switch Lite are breaking sales records as people across the world continue to look for ways to entertain themselves while stuck inside their homes. Sales have been soaring as some resort to the Switch as a low-cost option for the current-gen console, and Nintendo has been finding it hard to make Switches to match the unforeseen spikes in demand.


Alongside reputable production assemblers in Vietnam and China, Nintendo is allegedly partnering with a Sharp-owned Malaysian assembler. While Nintendo CEO Shuntaro Furukawa did mention that their consoles will now be assembled in Malaysia, whether or not Sharp is involved was not made public. This move would also assist Nintendo if trade tensions between China and the United States become worse, providing the Japanese gaming giant a way to get Switch consoles into the US without going through China.

Although this hasn’t been formally confirmed by either Sharp or Nintendo, an increase in production would be a great idea for both companies. The Nintendo Switch is expected to sell even more units before the year ends than either the Xbox Series X|S or the PlayStation 5 around the holiday season, ending this year out with whopping figures for the tech giant. However, in order to sell units, Nintendo has to be able to make them first.


It’s a safe move for Nintendo to expand its production as well as prepare for worse case scenarios. Boosting production will aid in fulfilling the anticipated 10.8 million units that will be bought during this holiday season compared to 2019. Between Animal Crossing New Horizons and Ring Fit’s success, Nintendo has confirmed that they had a 50% sales increase in the past quarter alone.

Christian Allen Tandoc
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