Sont Teases Elder Scrolls 6 Still Coming To PlayStation 5

It appears like The Elder Scrolls 6 could not be an Xbox exclusive title, after all, potentially making its way to the PlayStation 5 sometime in the future after PlayStation’s official website teases the game as an anticipated game on its platform. While it is more of a clue than an announcement, this is a good indication that the famous Bethesda game could not be as obliged to Microsoft’s systems as was initially thought.

When Microsoft purchased Bethesda and ZeniMax Media last September, it gained an advantage in the ongoing console wars against Sony by taking exclusive ownership of several of the gaming industry’s most profitable and famous franchises such as The Elder Scrolls, Fallout, and DOOM.

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PlayStation fans mourned what seemed to be the loss of some of the best franchises on their preferred console, but there was a sparkle of hope rekindled when a producer from Bethesda, Todd Howard, revealed in an interview that it was difficult to imagine that The Elder Scrolls 6 is an Xbox exclusive. It was vague, but fans of the franchise not willing to spend a lot for another expensive current-gen console anxiously grasped it.

Now it appears like Sony is providing another hint. Last December 8, the tech giant opened up the Game of the Year voting polls on the official PlayStation Blog to allow fans to vote for the best game the year has to offer.

In the “Most Anticipated Game” category, nestled along with Far Cry 6 and Elden Ring, was none other than The Elder Scrolls 6. It’s totally possible that this inclusion has no basis in reality but it’s fairly unlikely that Sony would add the game if it did not have some point of confidence about it also coming to the PlayStation 5, even if it’s a long time after The Elder Scrolls 6 launches on the Xbox Series X – whenever that may be.


While Bethesda, Sony, and Microsoft are still keeping quiet about whether or not Elder Scrolls 6 is actually intended to arrive on the PlayStation 5, or if this is just pure speculation on Sony’s end, taking Howard’s earlier speech about the title’s exclusivity to Xbox does give the poll a bit more substance. Until it’s verified by Microsoft, Sony, and Bethesda, it should still be considered as a rumor at best.

Nonetheless, The Elder Scrolls 6 isn’t releasing anytime soon, even though the game was revealed way back in 2018, it has yet to receive any specific release date. So whether or not it will come out on PlayStation should be the least of every fans’ concern since the rumor is all players can do for now anyway.

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