Call of Duty Devs Remove Overkill Perk in Anniversary Update

Call of Duty Mobile has been teasing the Overkill perk for a long time now, with a lot of players waiting for it to be introduced into the game. The perk’s icon was already added in the game several months ago, but it is still locked. However, in the Call of Duty Mobile Anniversary update, the perk was removed from the game suddenly.

Call of Duty Mobile is planning to commemorate its first anniversary for the whole month. The new update contains various themed content along with a few much-awaited features for the Call of Duty community.

However, the removal of the Overkill in the new update means the famous perk will not be included in the game just yet. As of writing, the developers have yet to make an announcement as to why the feature has been removed.


Some players are speculating that the perk could be going through bug fixes or balance changes since the perk grants players the ability to dispose of their secondary weapons and instead equip another primary weapon. This can be significantly beneficial for sniper rifle users since they can also equip an SMG or assault rifle to have a gun for any situation.

Even though the Overkill perk was removed, it was quickly replaced by the Restock perk. The Restock works as a utility perk as it automatically recharges equipment in twenty-five seconds. In contrast to Overkill, Restock is a weaker perk and will be less used. Both perks belong to the Tactical Perks family and are usually revamped or overhauled because of balance issues.

Regardless, there are still tons of new content coming to the game this month. The recently released update contains new blueprints, operators, and a special anniversary event which will coincide with the upcoming Halloween events. These upcoming events will debut exclusive cosmetics and game modes to Call of Duty Mobile making the month of October a favorite time for fans of the game.

There are other improvements to the perks that fans might have not noticed after the update was released. The Tactician perk was added into the game which gives players the ability to carry another piece of tactical equipment. The final perk also received a new addition called Launcher Plus allowing players to add another single reserve ammunition to all launchers available in the game.

More details on how to unlock new perks will be available as the anniversary event progresses. Until then, Call of Duty Mobile players must patiently wait on what the developers have stored for them during the game’s first-anniversary event.

Christian Allen Tandoc
Christian Allen Tandoc
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