Sony Offering 25% Discount Code For PlayStation Plus Ahead of PS5 Release

Sony is offering a 25% discount on all PlayStation Plus subscription renewals, in preparation for the PlayStation 5’s upcoming release. PlayStation 5 is a paid subscription service that is mandatory to play multiplayer games on PlayStation consoles and subscribers receive a couple of free games monthly as well.

Sony is preparing for a massive push for PlayStation Plus moving forward to the age of the PlayStation 5, beginning with the launch of the PlayStation Plus Collection which is a library of upgraded PlayStation 4 games.

This means anyone who will subscribe to the PlayStation Plus today will have access to a massive collection of high quality first- and third-party games. The PlayStation Plus Collection may not have a library as expansive as the Xbox Game Pass, but the value of games like The Last of Us Remastered, God Of War, and Bloodborne are unmatchable.

The PlayStation 5 is launching in a few days in select countries and in two weeks for the rest of the world which is why Sony is assembling a high-quality lineup of PlayStation Plus free games to start the new generation of gaming.

November’s PlayStation Plus lineup already includes a free PlayStation 5 edition of Bugsnax, which subscribers can claim now even if they don’t have the next-gen console yet. The individuals with PlayStation Plus subscriptions that are on the verge of expiring are in luck, as Sony will be giving a huge renewal discount. Based on validated reports, Sony will be sending out emails with 25% discount codes to PlayStation Plus subscribers who are about to renew soon.

However, the discount code only applies to the renewal of three month and twelve-month subscriptions. The extra time will immediately be added to the remaining time on the existing subscription.

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The discount code will only be valid until November 9, so PlayStation enthusiasts need to act now if they want to avail of this deal. Not all fans have managed to preorder a next-gen console because of the ongoing PlayStation 5 preorder issues, but it may be reasonable to renew the PlayStation Plus subscription now.

PlayStation Plus might have been degraded when it stopped adding PS Vita and PlayStation 3 titles, which means it was easy for players to condemn the monthly releases when it was just for two games. The launch of the PlayStation Plus Collection, Bugsnax being the first free PlayStation 5 PS Plus game, and Destruction Allstars to be included in the library in February, means that there are a lot of reasons to subscribe to the service now more than ever before.

Christian Allen Tandoc
Christian Allen Tandoc
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