The award-winning role-playing game “Elden Ring” takes inspiration from the world created by iconic fantasy writer George R. R. Martin, who is behind the “Game of Thrones” phenomenon. Being such, you can expect that every corner in this game is enchanting. 

When you find yourself needing help during battles, you can enlist the magic of Spirit Ashes. Also called Ashen Remains, these Ashes are “Elden Ring” items that allow you to summon spirits that can fight alongside you. They appear like Patronuses in the “Harry Potter” series to give you a better idea of how they look.

Here are the best Spirit Ashes you can summon in “Elden Ring.”

The Best Spirit Ash: Mimic Tear

Many “Elden Ring” insiders will agree that the Mimic Tear is the best Spirit Ash in the game. This Ash is essentially a copy, a mimicry of your character, spawning with the same weapons and armor you have. 

Thus, your Mimic Tear can duplicate the damage your character inflicts. It is also a tanky summon, as it has plenty of health to absorb hits from the most challenging bosses. This, therefore, protects you while you heal or equip items, giving you more time to breathe in the tensest of situations.

Trailing Behind

Lhutel The Headless

Lhutel the Headless exudes balance, providing an impressive mix of melee and ranged attacks. She can also use her Death Blight against enemies, ending these fights with bosses more quickly. She also has a shield that can block attacks and survive longer than most other Spirit Ashes.

Moreover, she can also teleport across battlefields, allowing her to bridge the gaps between herself and her enemies whilst avoiding their counterattacks. Lhutel the Headless is in second place this time, but it can be argued that she can also be the winner.

Black Knife Tiche

Like Lhutel, this assassin-like Spirit is also capable of dealing ranged and melee damage. She can somersault like a gymnast around the field, striking her opponents with her Black Knife or bow, both of which deal considerable damage. Plus, she can also knock enemies down the ground.

While her health isn’t as grand as the Mimic Tear’s, she can dodge several attacks while maneuvering across the field. Her speedy reflexes make her the perfect summon for those dealing with aggressive enemies and who don’t want to die very soon. The only downside is that you won’t find Black Knife Tiche early in the game.

Banished Knight Oleg

Here’s a Spirit Ash you can summon early in the game. Banished Knight Oleg is a strong knight you can find in the Fringefolk Hero’s Grave. But remember. To unlock him, you must have the Sword Stone Key, duck the blade traps, and defeat the tough Tree Spirit boss. 

But Oleg is worth every effort. He is among the best tank Spirit Summons in the game. He unleashes his spinning gust attack, which can stagger his opponents. He can definitely stand against most bosses.

Dung Eater Puppet

The Dung Eater Puppet is also incredibly potent but hard to get. Though it is initially an NPC in the game, you can recruit it to your team as a Spirit Ash. Like the others, it has various attacks suitable for all occasions and is even capable of trumping bosses alone. Yes, alone. 

For its melee attacks, the Dung Eater Puppet utilizes a greatsword that can bring out blood from enemies. Its ranged attacks send out ghostly wraiths toward opponents, making this Spirit Ash very effective even from a distance. 

Finger Maiden Therolina

On the other hand, Finger Maiden Therolina (also a puppet) is more of a caressing Spirit Ash than a fighter. She will follow you most of the time and heal you during battles instead of engaging with enemies. But this makes her the best companion for a player who doesn’t want to go solo. 

Similar to the Dung Eater Puppet, Finger Maiden Therolina is initially an NPC summon during your boss fight against Radahn. Along the way, she will heal you and other warriors. You may also buy her as a Spirit Ash puppet from Preceptor Seluvis in his secret lab. 

Latenna The Albinauric

Latenna uses her bow to attack from a distance, but sadly, she doesn’t possess an option for melee attacks. She’s low on this list because she usually struggles to get close to enemies since she cannot move when summoned. 

However, she is very effective when you are dealing with foes occupying broader arenas. Her attacks are still generally very powerful, earning her a spot on this list. 

Furthermore, she also has a secret mechanic that many gamers might not easily spot. If an enemy wolf approaches her, she can hop on top of it and use it as a mount. Interesting.

Spirit Jellyfish

Not a human being, not a plant, the Spirit Jellyfish is also one of the best Spirit Ashes in the game. Many “Elden Ring” players adore this summon for various reasons. 

First, it is a great ranged support summon that can spew poison from afar and does this job well. 

Special Mentions

These Spirit Ashes deserve special mention: Nepheli Loux, Nightmaiden and Swordstress Puppets, Rotten Stray, Bloodhound Knight Floh, and Skeletal Militiamen.

Spirits As Your Battle Companions

Mastering the use of Spirit Ashes in this RPG can significantly improve your combat experience. Whether you’re summoning legendary heroes for their unparalleled prowess or spectral wolves for effective crowd control, know that each offers their own unique advantages. 

Experimenting with different summons will help you spot that perfect companion that complements your playstyle, making your adventures in the Lands Between not just thrilling but also rewarding. Happy summoning!

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