Square Enix Reveals Disappointing News About Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory

Kingdom Hearts director Tetsuya Nomura, Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory co-director Masanobu Suzui, and Kingdom Hearts series executive producer Ichiro Hazama took a moment out of their day to speak with Gamekult and provide further information about their upcoming title Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory.

What they revealed were pretty understandable and expected, however, there are also a lot of details that we’re quite disappointed with.

First and foremost, the trio revealed that Melody of Memory won’t feature new worlds. Not only that, but you won’t be able to customize any of the teams that you can play with i.e. the teams are all preset already and there’s no way for you to mix and match them up.


Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory is considered to be a recap game, so you will basically be taken on a journey across the Kingdom Hearts series through the use of the franchise’s wonderful collection of music. It’s also going to be a rhythm game, which makes it completely different than the usual action-RPG formula that the franchise has. Overall, these factors make sense as to why there are no new worlds in Melody of Memory.

However, the fact that we can’t customize our teams is what has left us speechless – in a bad way. The inability to customize teams would make sense during the Melody of Memory’s World Tour mode because doing so would break the game’s story logic.

However, the title has other game modes you can choose from that would be suitable for customizable teams.

Gamekult also asked if fans can play with the game’s story elements, and Nomura’s response was “not really.” Now, this reply is quite strange, as he could’ve just said an outright “no” instead of a vague response.

On the other hand, this could mean that Kairi might be playable in some capacity, although we’re not sure how and what that means exactly.


The plus side to Melody of Memory is the fact that it will feature new songs, and given the fact that the title will be released in more or less two months, we’re beyond excited to hear it.

Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory will be available on November 13 for PS4, Xbox One, and Switch.

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