Fortnite Disabled Hi-Rez Textures Option

Epic Games has decided to disable a new feature in Fortnite that was supposed to make the graphics better, however, what happened was the complete opposite. The feature was included in Patch v14.10, and it included an all-new “hi-rez textures” option in the game’s settings.

This option was supposed to improve Fornite’s graphics if you turned it on. However, the players were left confused because even though you could toggle it on for all platforms, it only really affected PlayStation 4 and Android users.

As a result, the Fortnite Status Twitter account clarified that the feature only worked for PS4 and Android versions. On the same day, the same account noted that turning the option off has caused some graphics to become worse than intended on the PlayStation 4.

As such, they advised that it would be better to keep the option turned on while Epic Games worked on a solution. Today, Fortnite Status tweeted that they have completely disabled the option for all platforms.

According to the tweet, the new option was supposed to be released for Android only. However, the developers are still working on a fix and will be made available to Android players in a future update.

We suppose that some kind of mishap took place over at Epic Games in the middle of developing the hi-rez option. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have added and then quickly removed it.

It’s highly possible that the option was added prematurely, and so, was not yet ready to be released. This appears to be implied in Fortnite Status’ tweet when they said that it was “meant for release only on Android but not at this time.”

That being said, fans love Fornite for its simple yet lovely art style. As such, Android users probably aren’t that upset that the feature has been disabled for now.

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