Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin Release Date Announced

Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin’s release date has been revealed in a new video published by Square Enix. Stranger of Paradise is a Souls-style game developed by Team Ninja, the team behind the Dead or Alive, Ninja Gaiden, and Nioh series.

Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin was first revealed during Square Enix’s E3 press conference earlier this year. A demo for the PS5 version of the game was released; however, it did not work for two days.


While the initial trailer garnered a lot of flak for its writing and visuals, the gameplay was well-received, and many fans pointed out that the game is entertaining to play despite its shortcomings. Square Enix has now revealed a solid release date for Stranger of Paradise, and it appears that the game will be available sooner than fans may have imagined.

This new Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin video includes a lot of gameplay footage as well as cutscenes that try to build out the plot. It emphasizes the game’s intricate job system by showing Jack, the primary playable character, fighting foes with a range of weapons and magical attacks.

Finishing techniques known as Soul Bursts, which allow Jack to regenerate MP, were given special attention. The teaser also includes a look at several of the game’s bosses. Finally, it is revealed that Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin will be released next year on March 18.

This new video does a much better job highlighting the fast-paced fighting while also giving gamers a taste of the plot. It’ll be fascinating to see how Stranger of Paradise’s plot compares to Nioh’s, although fighting will most likely be the major appeal. The demo did appear to convey the sense that the fighting system will be highly flexible, as seen by the video.

Stranger of Paradise is one of the interesting games set to release in early 2022. Team Ninja will most likely find it impossible to avoid comparisons to other games in the souls-like genre, especially since Elden Ring was released just two months earlier, on January 21. Regardless, with so many games coming out across a wide range of genres, the start of next year is likely to be very interesting, regardless of one’s preferences.

Christian Allen Tandoc
Christian Allen Tandoc
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