New Official Switch Screenshots of Super Mario 3D World Released

Excited fans who have been looking forward to the release of Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury this February 12 have been treated to a fresh batch of new screenshots that give them an exciting new look at what they can expect once the game is released.

These screenshots, which have been posted on Nintendo UK’s official website, show off the capabilities of the game’s new and improved photo mode, along with screenshots from Bowser’s Fury’s moment-to-moment gameplay.

Originally launched for the Wii U, the upcoming Nintendo Switch port of the popular Super Mario 3D World was revealed last September 2020, with its developers promising to include a plethora of new features and content for the dedicated fans of the long-running franchise to enjoy.

Needless to say that these additions will be more of a bonus to a game that has already received praise and recognition for its replayability and range of content the first time around. What made fans even more excited is the addition of Bowser’s Fury, as it made this upcoming title more than just a Nintendo Switch port of a classic game. This could be a great example to other Wii U games that want to port to the Nintendo Switch in the future, especially those titles that didn’t sell as well as it could have due to the low-selling console.


Ever since Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury was announced, Nintendo has done a great job in releasing a steady stream of updates about what fans can look forward to once the game launches next month. This includes the confirmation that Captain Toad courses will support co-op, Bowser’s Fury will feature open-world gameplay, as well as a new photo mode that players can tinker around with.

This time around, Nintendo UK has offered a different kind of update in the form of screenshots. The new screenshots provide players with a better look at the upcoming game’s characters, environment, and even gameplay.

What’s more, it appears that this latest batch of screenshots was taken using the built-in Snapshot Mode, which seems to work similarly to Super Mario Odyssey’s photo mode. For some reason, though, these new images are noticeably missing from Nintendo of America’s website.

There’s only a few weeks left before Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury will be officially available to purchase, download, and play. As such, we doubt that the company will release any other major update about the upcoming game at this point in time. However, minor updates such as this will probably be more prominent, offering a better glimpse of what the game has to offer.


It’s great that these screenshots offers a better look at Bowser’s Fury form as well, as the new screenshots has a bunch of shots of the fan-favorite villain wreaking havoc on Lake Lapcat.

Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury‘s theme revolving around cats will most likely receive the spotlight more often than not, especially since it’s a vital part of this expansion. It’s a great addition that will definitely get cat lovers and non-cat lovers alike hyped for the upcoming title.

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