Pokemon Sword and Shield Hackers Will Be Banned From Online Play & Pokemon Home

Players who are caught using hacked Pokemon will be banned from using online features in Sword and Shield as well as forbidden to use Pokemon Home, as part of a ban wave implemented by The Pokemon Company. The Pokemon series has witnessed the effects of cheating since day one because of a number of various factors.

The main Pokemon entries have seen players have to make use of cheats in order to breed competitive Pokemon without spending tons of hours actually breeding them. Looking for a Pokemon with the perfect stats and the right Nature can take weeks of monotonous work, so it’s not shocking that players would want to save themselves time by just writing that Pokemon into life. Hacking has also expanded to the spinoff games, with the makes of Pokemon Go recently winning a $5 million lawsuit against infamous cheat-makers.

Pokemon players using cheats will soon find themselves unable to utilize online features associated with the games. According to Serebii, The Pokemon Company has revealed that a new ban wave is coming and that it will affect players who have modified their save data. These kinds of ban waves will become a regular occurrence in the future, as a preventive measure against cheaters.

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Those who get bans will temporarily or permanently lose access to various online features in Pokemon Sword and Shield, which means that they won’t be able to join battles online or trade with other players.

The fact that all local tournaments have been postponed because of the ongoing global pandemic means that this ban will stop cheating in the short-term. Banned players will also be unable to use Pokemon Home, which will make it a lot more difficult for them to trade Pokemon.

This is all made more disastrous for hackers and potential cheaters by the fact that banned players will be declined refunds. The Pokemon Company could expand these measures in the future, though it is uncertain how it might progress.


Cheating has always been a problem in the competitive side of Pokemon Sword and Shield since it was released. This issue isn’t just affecting hacked Pokemon, as some players are exploiting bugs to try and avoid taking losses. The development team has since made it simpler than ever to breed competitive Pokemon in the Galar region but it can still be a long process, and not everyone has the patience to do mass breeding.

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