Animal Crossing: New Horizons x ColourPop Full Makeup Collection Revealed

Only a couple of weeks have passed since ColourPop Cosmetics announced that it was collaborating with the highly beloved Nintendo Switch game, Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Now, the lifestyle brand has finally revealed each item in the makeup collection, their prices, as well as the collection’s launch date.

Needless to say, Animal Crossing and its lovable characters have a special place in the hearts of fans, especially after they were reintroduced to the players when the Switch-exclusive New Horizons was released last March 2020.

Although fans have a tendency to compare the different villagers and pit their ranking against other players’ preferences, we’re sure that dedicated fans are thrilled to see that some cosmetic products in the collection feature makeup inspired by some of the most iconic villagers in the game.

The ColourPop x Animal Crossing: New Horizons collection is set to launch on January 28, 2021, at 10:00AM PST, and it will feature 11 products overall. Specifically, fans will find two pressed powder blushes, three lip tint sets, four eyeshadow palettes, a single glitter shadow, and another single eyeshadow pot in the collection.

Although fans have the option to choose the products they like the most and buy them individually, hardcore players can also purchase the collection in its entirety upon release if they want to.

As for pricing, each of the four eyeshadow palettes will cost $12, but each one will consist of four different eyeshadow colors. The packaging features different villagers, depending on the palette of choice, including the highly beloved Isabelle, the Able Sisters, Blathers & Celeste, and Tom Nook and the Nooklings.

The two pressed powder blushes will also cost $12, and the names of each revolve around gardening, which is one of the most popular activities in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Those who particularly like the in-game Cosmos and Windflowers will surely appreciate and enjoy the blush products and their embossed designs.

Just like the other two, the three lip tint sets will also be priced at $12. For this set, ColourPop chose to feature six of the most popular fruits that players can grow and harvest on their respective islands. The single items, on the other hand, deviate from the usual $12 price point.

Namely, the Super Shock eyeshadow pot that has been labeled as “Balloon Pop” will be priced at $7. As for the “Bellionaire” glitter pot, however, interested fans who want this product will have to fork over more cash—specifically $10.

For those who have the extra funds to buy the complete makeup collection, they’ll need to prepare at least $125, as the full set will more or less have that price range.

Seeing as the release date for the ColourPop x Animal Crossing: New Horizons makeup collection is almost upon us, interested buyers should ready their wallets as soon as possible, especially since ColourPop collaborations are known to sell out quickly upon release.

Nintendo hasn’t revealed any upcoming in-game event for fans to look forward to yet, so players will just have to settle for this exciting new makeup collaboration for now to quench their need for more New Horizons content.

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