The 4 Best Champions To Pick For League of Legends URF 2021

Players of League of Legends were ecstatic to find that the Ultra Rapid Fire (URF) game mode will be returning to the game after a long time. It could be a one-time event, but a few hours spent spamming skills is already awesome.

URF has absolutely no cooldown reductions and no mana or energy costs for skills. The games are entertaining, simple, and action-packed. The option for players to choose which champions to play, unlike in ARUF, the altered version that has been revolving as a small game mode instead of URF, makes standard URF more enjoyable.

Although having the freedom to choose which champion you want to try to spam abilities with is fantastic, after a few games, choosing who to play next can be difficult. Here are our top-five champion choices for URF to assist you.



Given how heavily Kai’Sa’s attacks rely on magic damage, it’s no surprise that she currently has an 88 percent kill rate in a game mode with no mana restrictions. Her Ithican Rain can send swathes of explosive missiles through crowds, and her Killer Instinct can speed up one-on-one battles with other champions.



Morgana currently has a 63 percent win percentage in URF. Morgana’s powers become completely lethal when she wields the unrestrained mana of URF, which is fitting for a character named after an Arthurian sorceress. In this mode, she can damage and paralyze several enemies in seconds with her Dark Binding attack.

When she’s up against a large group of foes, her Dark Shadow attack, which covers a large area of effect, now does double damage. Morgana will be an invincible, damage-sponging death machine in this mode if she uses her passive attack, which helps her to siphon health from her opponents while she damages them.



Shaco’s win percentage is still at 59 percent right now. It’s easy to see why he’s been a famous URF pick for the longest time. His Deceive skill helps him stay invisible for long periods of time, enabling him to perform several kills. The cooldown time for this ability is just two seconds, according to URF rules.

This means that in a URF game, players will be able to keep Shaco hidden for a significant portion of the game, chopping down squishies when enemies are completely unaware.

When paired with the Backstab or the Two-Shiv Poison strike, this can be catastrophic. Launch these attacks, then use Deceive to survive and repeat the process until the target is dead. It is both terrifying and perplexing for the opponent, and it offers the most thrilling, sneaky kind of victory.



Nami can recover, speed up, and bubble in seconds, making her one of the best support champions in daily League of Legends games. Her powers have an extra cooldown, allowing her to heal herself and her teammates quickly enough to keep them alive in tower and team battles.

While her healing has been reduced by 10%, players may compensate for this by stacking things, including Athene’s Holy Grail and Ardent Censer. Players can also end AP and show the sea’s strength to opponents. With a win rate of 59.69 percent and a ban rate of 0.44 percent, she actually holds the top spot.

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